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Oh... doesn't that describe you? Maybe it's more like...
  • Uh-oh!
  • The party is tomorrow and I haven't done a thing about a gift!
  • What to get for the in-laws? - they have everything they want!
  • Six October birthdays, gift ideas exhausted, and now the holidays!
  • Help!

If that's you, let's find some solutions!

Now you can cut through the clutter of ho-hum gift choices and find the well-chosen gift idea you're looking for. Here are creative gift ideas for all sorts of recipients and all sizes of gift budgets, plus tips and advice about the whole gift giving experience.

What exactly is a "well-chosen" gift?

A well-chosen gift is well-suited to your recipient.

It's something s/he needs or really wants, and it matches your recipient's personality and tastes. Well-chosen gift ideas may build on known interests, or pique a new interest. Gifts for Everyone will show you how to make it happen!

As families grow, and the gift list expands out of control, Family Gifts offer a good solution! Exchanging gifts between families reduces stress and expense, and it's a good way to encourage strong family bonds.

A well-chosen gift is well-designed and well-made.

It's precision manufactured or skillfully hand crafted, with smart design and quality materials. Your well-chosen gift will stand the test of time. Great Gift Ideas, and all of our creative gift ideas, keep quality in mind.

That doesn't mean that a well-chosen gift needs to be expensive! Affordable Gift Ideas presents gift giving solutions for the leanest gift budget.

A well-chosen gift is distinctive and interesting.

It's not over-the-top weird or self-consciously "different." But it might be one of a kind, or something your recipient has never seen. Regional, Ethnic, and especially Fair Trade Gifts are exciting and creative gift ideas. They represent international cultures, designs and craftsmanship at their distinctive best - and they are very unlikely to be duplicated!

A well-chosen gift may follow a theme.

Personal collections are built upon themes that are meaningful to the collector. But one person's prized (fill in the blank) may be just "stuff" to another, so let's approach "collectibles" with care. That said, a personal collection provides creative gift ideas for years to come.

Anniversary themes - traditional and modern - are outlined in Anniversary Gifts, with year-by-year gift ideas that husband and wife can enjoy together. You'll find creative approaches to difficult milestone years, including some surprises that might never have occurred to you.

There's more to gift giving
than just the gifts

Present your well-chosen gift with pizzazz!

Their eyes will glow when you top off your creative gift ideas with Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas. From simple gift bags and boxes, to difficult sizes and shapes, to uniquely creative disguises, you'll find ideas and illustrated wrapping instructions for gift packages that are "too nice to unwrap!" Then you can sit back and enjoy the oohs and aahs!

Proper Gift Advice involves the whole gift-giving experience.

Stretching the gift budget, ordering online, organizing group gifts, and keeping surprises a secret are typical of the Gift Giving Advice you'll find in this department. Join us there for useful advice, and share your experience and solutions to enhance everyone's gift giving experience!

Please Contact Us anytime with your questions, and we'll look high and low to find a helpful answer! If you would like to share your creative gift ideas or a gift-related tip or story, or a comment/suggestion about the website, we'll be delighted to hear from you!

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