10th Anniversary Gifts: Tin, Leather

10th Anniversary gifts
in tin (traditional) and leather (modern)
offer some really elegant choices!

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts:
~ TIN ~

All gifts express the traditional ten year anniversary theme if they come in tins! Some gifts will fit into a giant tin with a handle and lid. Mrs. Fields will make up a smaller personalized cookie gift tin. Whatever its size, a tin will be handy for re-use when the gift contents are gone.

Popular gifts for the den or family room are tin signs - nostaglic advertising signs, directional signs or amusing wall plaques. Car enthusiasts will probably enjoy a framed print of a "Tin Lizzie" (Model T Ford).

Tin has long been used for traditional lanterns and chandeliers, - good, classic 10th anniversary gifts. And many beautiful and functional home accessories are hand made in Mexico from aged tin.

For something a bit different, we call your attention to punched tin panels, which can be framed as wall decor or used as furniture or cabinet door panels. Possibly the most elegant tin gift (perhaps for the couple to give each other) is a tin ceiling - they're becoming all the rage in the building industry. Tin ceiling panels can also be used for wainscoting, backsplashes, and panel insets.

As a gift from a group you could organize a tin ceiling fund, or each person could contribute a few panels. Of course, you'd consult with your anniversary couple first (to be sure they even want a tin ceiling!) - and have them select the pattern.

One more thought: since modern pewter is composed of over 90% tin, we think a gift in pewter is a reasonable and beautiful 10th anniversary alternative to tin. You will find more information and suggestions about pewter at 5th Anniversary Gifts in the Modern section.

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts:

Leather clothing and personal items like wallets are difficult to share, so we suggest you leave those gifts for husband and wife to give each other. Two exceptions might be

For entertaining, a leather ice bucket is a smart 10th anniversary gift. When your anniversary couple is picnicking or bringing wine to dinner at a friend's, a wine carrier will come in very handy.

Gifts with leather trim reflect the leather theme, and inlaid leather adds a richness to furniture as well as chess boards, picture frames and other items that make great gifts and are available at many price levels.

Remember also to include genuine suede in your thinking; suede throw pillows will lend a feeling of comfortable luxury to the family room or den.

For something a bit different, a tooled leather magazine rack from Peru is a unique ten year anniversary gift. Did a fireplace bellows occur to you? Suppleness and durability are important in a bellows, so we prefer leather over a synthetic material.

Along with the dictionary, a world globe kept in the dining room will resolve many a dinner-table discussion (and, yes, globes come in leather!). Leather-bound dictionaries and favorite books are also handsome gifts.

Look for more leather gift ideas at 3rd Anniversary Gifts in the Traditional section. And please visit our Peruvian Gifts section for beautifully hand tooled leather gifts.

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