11th Anniversary Gifts: Steel, Onyx

Creative thinking expands the possibilities
for 11th Anniversary gifts
of traditional steel and modern onyx!

Traditional 11th Anniversary Gifts:

Many items made of steel or stainless steel are great gifts for eleven year anniversary couples: appliances, barbecue tools, barware and flasks, jewelry, picture frames, lamps, thermal mugs... Let's see what else we can find!

If your anniversary couple has a stainless flatware pattern, now is a good time to add some place settings or serving pieces. For discontinued patterns, Replacements, Ltd. can help. Another smart gift for the kitchen is this magnetic memo board, complete with pen holder and attachable key hooks.

The couple who enjoys outdoor cooking will appreciate a cordless LED grill light or a meat fork/thermometer with stainless tines. Or, you might consider a steel flagpole kit for proudly showing the colors; or a patio heater to extend the deck and patio season when evenings grow chilly.

Thinking of gift ideas with "Steel" in their name, you can choose books, DVDs, framed posters, tickets, and more. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination: Steel Magnolias, Danielle Steel, Remington Steel, Abs/Buns of Steel, Superman - Man of Steel, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For something a bit different, how about antique steel plate engravings - both prints and maps are attractive and colorful (purists: be sure to choose a steel plate engraving!). Wine enthusiasts will enjoy stainless steel bride & groom wine caddies - the career-based styles also make cool 11th anniversary gifts. And just for fun, a bouquet of steel wool roses will be a conversation piece!

By the way, synthetic steel wool won't splinter or rust... if you decide that synthetic steel is on-theme!

Modern 11th Anniversary Gifts:
~ ONYX ~

Some versions of the Modern Anniversary list show fashion jewelry for the eleventh (here's a nice selection of onyx jewelry!), which is great for a couple to give each other. We'd like to show you some onyx gifts other than jewelry, in both black and various colors, for you to present to an anniversary couple.

Black onyx gives a dressy look to lamp finials and similar household accents. For those who prefer gifts with more color, these green onyx vases, and multicolored fish sculptures show off some of the beautiful natural patterns found in onyx. Your recipients will enjoy toasting the occasion with a pair of green/tan onyx goblets, or sharing fruit or snacks from an onyx bowl in white or colored pattern.

For art lovers, this hand carved cockatoo statuette from Peru, and this black onyx gemstone tree from Brazil, are 11th anniversary gifts with artistic flair.

For something a bit different, colored onyx is used to make stunning intarsia floor medallions and other architectural elements that might be suitable as a group gift (have your recipients select the specific piece or pattern, of course).

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