12th Anniversary Gifts: Silk

Silk is the luxurious milestone theme
for 12th Anniversary gifts,
both traditional AND modern.

Traditional and Modern
12th Anniversary Gifts:
~ SILK ~

In her youth, around the turn of the last century, my grandmother worked in a silk factory in New York City. The machinery that ran the looms was

mounted on the ceiling overhead, with little regard for worker safety. Girls as young as 15 worked 10-hour days, on their feet except for a 1/2 hour lunch period. I'll have to see if I can find that old photograph. Grandma used to say, "Don't tell me about the 'good old days' - I was there!"

But the silk was as luxurious then as it is today. Silk sheets and pillowcases are delightful 12th anniversary gifts, and a silk fleece blanket will make your recipients feel downright decadent. Or, you might choose His 'n Hers silk robes for your anniversary couple (but we suggest that you leave the silk lingerie and boxers for your recipients to give each other!).

Let's look at some non-clothing, non-bedding gift ideas for a couple, beginning with silk-covered throw pillows - colorful accents for living room or family room. This silk taffeta lotus blossom lamp is so pretty, and all styles of silk lampshades are on-theme 12th anniversary gifts.

Chinese silk paintings are versatile - whether framed as wall hangings, or replicated on room divider screens, they are gorgeous gifts for the 12th anniversary. Your recipients may also like this rich-looking Burmese tapestry, featuring five elephants hand embroidered in silk and beadwork.

Fine workmanship and intricate design make this Turkish silk rug both handsome and expensive - a lovely choice as a group gift. More affordable is a beautiful silk orchid in bloom, which will last and last without requiring daily care. A silk topiary will add a lifelike touch of green to brighten any room.

Books about the Silk Road are also good gifts for the silk theme, that can bring to life the mystery and history of this ancient trade route. Folk tales, or a combination of narrative and history, will intrigue an anniversary couple with a love of history or a curiosity about Central Asia.

For something a bit different, I want to show you the most amazing artwork, which I found in a little shop in Northern Cyprus. These exquisite floral designs are handmade from silk cocoons! Shapes are cut from the cocoons, arranged to form designs, and painstakingly stitched onto a fabric backing for framing. Mrs. Munuse Ozmulla explained that each color tone is determined by the strain of silkworm. After much indecision, I finally chose a number of the smaller designs to group on my dining room wall.

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