13th Anniversary Gifts:
Lace, Textiles

13th Anniversary gifts
of traditional lace and modern textiles
add beauty and style to any decor.

Traditional 13th Anniversary Gifts:
~ LACE ~

If you think lace tablecloths and doilies seem a little too feminine for an anniversary couple, let's find some lace gifts more appealing to a husband. This lighthouse shower curtain looks great with a dark colored liner, and scenic "Pine Ridge" lace curtains aren't overly frilly, either. A supply of Chantilly Lace brand soap will nicely complement lace shower curtains.

Lace as framed art, in a pattern reflecting your recipients' interests, should appeal to women and men, or a framed art print of Queen Anne's lace shows creative thinking for a thirteen year anniversary gift in lace. A packet of Queen Anne's lace seeds would make an appropriate add-on, maybe from the kids.

For 13th anniversary gifts with lace in their names, think of titles like "Arsenic and Old Lace" or "Chantilly Lace." Actually, Chantilly is a town in France that is famous for lacemaking, and a getaway to Chantilly (not far from Paris) - or maybe to Chantilly, Virginia (site of a Civil War battle) - would be an anniversary to remember. An internet search for "lace" restaurants, inns, etc. will turn up interesting and conveniently located destination gift ideas.

For something a bit different, Chinese paper cuts can certainly be described as "lacy" and make beautiful gifts. And, for a yummy gift with "lace" in its name, you might bake up a batch of lace cookies. Which brings us back to table lace...

The husband in your anniversary couple will surely like this pretty lace centerpiece doily, that shows up so well on a bare table, if it frames a bowl of those lacy cookies!

Finally, any gift expresses the 13th anniversary theme if it's wrapped in lace ...or in a lace-patterned paper. For more lace gift ideas, check out 8th Anniversary Gifts - the Modern section.

Modern 13th Anniversary Gifts:

Textiles are fabrics that are woven or knitted. Our lives and homes are full of textiles, providing lots of good ideas for modern 13th anniversary gifts:

Bedspreads/ShamsTable runnersThrows/lap robes
Quilts/ComfortersPlacematsPillow covers
Woven rugsWoven towelsCurtains/Draperies
TentsTapestries, wall artDecorative flags
Sleeping bagsShower curtains Canvas luggage/totes

If your anniversary couple enjoy history, they may know of the celebrated Bayeux Tapestry, depicting in over 30 scenes the story of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and William the Conqueror's successful invasion of England. A replicated detail of this Tapestry will surely please history buffs - or check out the tapestries that reflect other interests. Bayeux tapestry panels are also available as printed posters.

In a different style, this Swedish batik print of a Viking ship is a handsome thirteen year anniversary gift. The Viking longboat would be a fine companion piece. These gifts could be made into pillow covers, or framed, or mounted on a textile backing with loops or a sleeve for hanging as a tapestry. Here's a source for tapestry rods in several styles.

For something a bit different, these quilted 2-person hammocks look a bit more comfy than the usual canvas or rope models. Colorful, exotic hand crafted cushion covers from India are popular too.

If you enjoy working with textiles, a braided fabric wreath that you have hand crafted is a gift that will hold special meaning for your recipients. This wreath can be adapted for any season, depending on the fabric, and decorated to reflect your anniversary couple's personal interests.

One more thought - all 13th anniversary gifts will be in keeping with the textile theme if wrapped in fabric. If you use pins to hold the fabric closed, be sure to warn your recipients!

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