14th Anniversary Gifts:
Ivory, Agate

Rare IVORY (traditional)
and colorful AGATE (modern)
make distinctive 14th Anniversary gifts.

Traditional 14th Anniversary Gifts:

Ivory is tooth or tusk material, as opposed to bone or horn/antler, which are not as hard and dense as ivory. The harvesting of "new" ivory has been widely banned to protect endangered species, and the limited supply of "antique," "fossil" or "inheritance" ivory is reflected in high prices - so it's not easy to find genuine ivory gifts for the 14th year anniversary.

Small ivory carvings such as these from Alaska are prized by collectors but priced in the hundreds of dollars, as is most scrimshaw (but isn't it beautiful!). Jewelry made of elk ivory (elk are the only North American mammals with ivory teeth) is similarly expensive. Here are a few genuine antique ivory scrimshaw pieces that are more affordable for 14th anniversary gifts.

Many lovely "ivory" gifts are crafted in resin, which is sturdy and comes in the range of colors natural to genuine ivory. These fountain pens are very nice; similar pencils and ball point pens are also available.

"Mandarin" ivory, a polyresin commonly known as alabastrite, is a popular ivory alternative used to make interesting items you might consider for 14th anniversary gifts - statues, fountains, and this elephant plant stand.

"Vegetable" ivory is another excellent alternative for this milestone. It's actually the tagua palm nut of South America. You can choose among figurines and jewelry, as well as chess sets and Christmas ornaments carved from tagua.

For something a bit different, we can think in terms of an ivory brand or ivory color for items made of any material, from soap to upholstered furniture to automobiles. Another take on the ivory theme is to choose a gift from the Ivory Coast - for example, to protect your anniversary couple's home, a hand carved wooden warrior mask is a fourteen year anniversary gift that means business!

Modern 14th Anniversary Gifts:

An agate is a nodule that forms within a bubble in "host" rock, usually volcanic lava. When the nodule is cut and polished, concentric layers of agate are revealed that make a beautiful material for modern 14th anniversary gifts. Natural agate colors are shades of gray, red and brown, and other dyed colors are often seen in agate gift items.

An agate nodule with a hollow center is called a geode, which may contain crystals such as quartz or amethyst. Nodules/geodes are usually round or oval and measured in inches, though rarely a huge nodule may weigh hundreds of pounds. Nodules/geodes are often halved, polished and sold as display pieces - each one a unique gift for the couple who admire nature's beauty.

Agate nodules are often cut into free-form shapes and cabochons for jewelry. They may be sectioned to make products like bookends, or sliced for use as drink coasters or wind chimes - all good ideas for modern 14th anniversary gifts.

A graceful agate gemstone tree makes an artistic fourteen year anniversary gift. Thinly sliced agate is translucent, and in tealight holders, nightlights and lamp shades it produces a colorful glow.

For something a bit different, how about a destination gift to a place with "agate" in its name? A place like Agate Park, Beach, Mountain, or Lake, for example, should be easy to find because agate occurs naturally in many areas of the world. Or, we can choose a gift with an agate finish, like Bennington Potters "blue agate" serving pieces.

Most remarkably, agateware pottery, introduced in 18th Century England, closely simulates natural agate and was made by combining different colored clays. Antique pieces are much sought by collectors, as are pieces produced by Bouchet Agateware Pottery, Channel Islands (Jersey) in the UK. (After 30 years perfecting a nearly impossible process that others had been unable to duplicate; Mr. Tony Bouchet has recently retired.)

Modern handmade agateware can be purchased from Richard Martin Pottery in Brookings, Oregon.

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