15th Anniversary Gifts:
Crystal, Watches

Traditional crystal and modern watches
are elegant 15th Anniversary gifts
for a notable marriage milestone.

Traditional 15th Anniversary Gifts:

Stemware is a popular crystal gift and is available in all price ranges. Accessories such as candlesticks, votive holders, or vases may also be available in your couple's crystal pattern. If you can't find their pattern, check with Replacements, Ltd. - they have a huge inventory and very good customer service.

Dressy occasions may call for a crystal carafe or decanter, or perhaps an oil and vinegar cruet set, and you can't go wrong with a pretty crystal bowl. For quiet evenings at home, a crystal and pewter wine set for two is romantic, and the decanter can be engraved.

Or, your anniversary couple could while away an evening with a crystal chess set. A set with glass pieces will be priced more modestly than one made of crystal, and will probably be less likely to break.

Another traditional 15th anniversary gift is a crystal-domed anniversary clock. Crystal is traditional in light fixtures, too: this pineapple lamp is perfect for an entry hall or guest room (pineapple is a traditional symbol for "welcome").

If you are considering "collectible" 15th anniversary gifts like paperweights or crystal figurines, be extra careful to match the gift to your recipients' interests - for a couple with nautical interests, here's a handsome and tasteful Waterford Crystal sailboat.

For something a bit different, crystal suncatchers engraved with city skylines make interesting gifts, especially one with your anniversary couple's favorite town.

Laser etching produces some breathtaking crystal 3D images - underwater and sky scenes look particularly realistic as the image appears to float in the crystal. Many 15th anniversary gifts in crystal can be personalized with a laser-etched monogram.

You'll find other crystal (and glass) gift ideas in the Modern section of 3rd Anniversary Gifts.

Modern 15th Anniversary Gifts:

Watches are excellent 15th anniversary gifts for a couple to give each other. The problem is, how many friends and relatives will also be giving them gifts for their anniversary? Mm-hmm... so we have to ask: how many watches does a person need?

OK, there's room for variety - wristwatch vs. pocket watch for him or brooch/pendant watch for her, silver vs. gold, everyday vs. dressy - and various features: stopwatch, 24-hour dial, alarm, dual time zones.

You might organize a group gift of matching His and Her watches. Or, you might consider watch-related gifts such as watchbands or a 2-watch winder. Beyond those solutions, however, we'll need some creative thinking about watches!"

Family Feud question: Name a phrase containing the word "watch." Survey said...

  • Watch a movie - A Netflix subscription works like a mail-order library: recipients can select movies in advance and watch/return the DVDs on their own timetable.

  • Storm watch - Do your recipients love outdoor activity? Weather instruments, or even a weather station to keep them informed, are thoughtful 15th anniversary gifts.

  • Watch the game (or a play, perhaps) - give them tickets to a live performance, or to see their favorite college or pro sports team in action.

  • Birdwatching - Cornell University has a birdfeeder watching project that might interest your recipients. A pair of binoculars will come in handy for that activity, and for a....

  • Whale watch - a close-up view of these amazing creatures is a fifteen year anniversary gift that your recipients will long remember.

For something a bit different, binary watches (once they learn to read them) will wow your anniversary couple and their friends. Computer users will appreciate the "watches" feature of FeedDemon for Windows. It scans the Internet feeds they subscribe to, selecting and storing items containing pre-selected keywords.

An Earthwatch Institute membership is a thoughtful fifteen year anniversary gift for an environmentally conscious couple. Their membership will support conservation, research and education programs and earn them discounts on special events and expedition fees.

One last thing - a fun bit of trivia: if a group of lions is called a pride, and a group of whales is a pod - what's a group of nightingales? Right... a watch! If you can think of any 15th anniversary gifts related to a "watch of nightingales," please contact us and share your ideas!

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