1st Anniversary Gifts: Paper, Clocks

1st anniversary gifts have two easy themes:
paper for traditional, clocks for modern.

Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts:

Paper is a great theme for anniversary gifts - interesting ideas in every price range, paper gifts for every taste, and lots of directions for creative thinking to take you!

If your anniversary couple is saving for a big-ticket item like furniture, a gift of cash (bills or a check) will give that plan a welcome boost. A framed share of stock in a company related to your recipients' interests, or in Amazon to reflect another paper theme (books), is a decorative one year anniversary gift that may one day provide another financial boost.

Wall art offers a lot of variety for 1st anniversary gifts, and a framed poster, photograph, or art print can become a stylish focal point for any room. Remember also that papyrus is a form of paper, and papyrus art is both attractive and affordable.

For a very personalized paper gift, how about gathering the couple's wedding and honeymoon photos for a custom calendar that begins with their anniversary month instead of January. Suggested cover caption: "Our year began on our Wedding Day," followed by their anniversary date.

For something a bit different, Japanese hanging lamps made from rice paper come in plain white or colored designs. The environmentally conscious couple will appreciate this paper-framed mirror, made in Brazil from recycled magazine paper. Or this "Eco-Friendly" paper vase with a glass liner (note: not all paper vases are watertight) - a most unusual one year anniversary gift made from recycled materials.

Please check out Paper Gifts and More Paper Gift Ideas for other traditional 1st anniversary gifts.

Modern 1st Anniversary Gifts:

The typical glass-domed anniversary clock is so named because it needs winding only once a year... on the couple's anniversary! The great variety in clocks makes them excellent gifts to express a couple's interests or decorating tastes. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Wall, mantel, desk, or floor clock
  • Wood, metal, ceramic, or glass clock
  • Cuckoo clock, musical clock w/moving figures
  • Grandfather clock
  • Pendulum clock, wind-up clock, electric clock, battery clock
  • Outdoor clock
  • Clock with weather instruments
  • Alarm clock, clock radio, sunrise alarm clock
  • Travel clock, multi-time zone clock
  • Art clock, clock mounted in/on artwork
  • Binary clock
  • Projection clock, keyring projection clock

The Cool Clock Shop has loads of interesting clocks, too - this "Tanana" wall clock has an easy-to-read contemporary look, and this hand made boat table clock is a beauty. Of course, it's hard to go wrong with a traditional clock for wall, mantel/table, or floor. But a "clocktail" table will be the real conversation starter at their first anniversary party.

Theme clocks are great 1st anniversary gifts, available in enough variety to please everyone. Some clocks have a theme-related picture on the clock face; others are actually shaped to resemble objects of special interest or are mounted on statuettes of those objects. And some make theme-related sounds on the hour.

For something a bit different, how about another sort of timekeeper? - perhaps a fancy timer like a countdown clock to mark the time until their next special occasion. Or, a custom crafted hourglass with beautiful inlays just might become a family heirloom.

Don't forget to consider a pedestal or wall-mounted sundial... perhaps with a fitting traditional inscription: "grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." For the very latest in modern 1st anniversary gifts, this digital sundial is way cool - it can be used outdoors or inside a sunny window, and none of your recipients' friends is likely to have one!

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