25th Anniversary Gifts
for the Silver Jubilee

25th Anniversary gifts of precious SILVER
are well deserved at this important milestone!

Traditional AND Modern
25th Anniversary Gifts:
~ The Silver Jubilee! ~

The 25th is a special anniversary indeed, with loads of silver gift choices for your anniversary couple. The finest silver is sterling, and sterling silver pieces are imprinted with a sterling mark. More affordable is silverplate, which may or may not be marked as such. You may wish to have your gift engraved, for an added personal touch.

Silver Proof Sets of current year U.S. coins are available from the U.S. Mint and suggest an "official commemoration" of your recipients' Silver Jubilee. A silver proof set of all the coins issued in their wedding year is another well-chosen gift - you can obtain it from a coin dealer. You can also find the special series of U.S. State Quarters at a coin dealer - these are particularly appropriate for 25th anniversary gifts.

The Silver Jubilee is a good time to add to your recipients' silverware pattern. You may wish to look for serving utensils (click, then scroll down for some interesting pieces!) that your anniversary couple might not have, even after 25 years, especially unusual pieces designed for serving a favorite food.

Other accessories such as serving trays, napkin rings, candlesticks, picture frames, vases and the like are available in many styles. Note that a "silver" mirror refers to the frame - although silver backing provides superior reflectivity (e.g., for scientific use), the glass for household mirrors is "silvered" with aluminum.

On a somewhat grander scale, a pair of silver plated lamps (we like "Martha's Candlestick Lamp") would be elegant 25th anniversary gifts for a couple's bedside tables. A very unusual silver gift would be this ornate high-domed silver box that comes in three sizes.

Creative thinking leads us to 25th anniversary gifts with "silver" in their names. You might plant a "silver" tree in their honor - silver linden, silver maple, or Carolina silverbell. National Arbor Day recommends Nature Hills Nursery as a source. There's also a plant called Silver Dollars (lunaria annua, aka Honesty or Money Plant) - with flat seed pods that when peeled reveal a silvery "coin." These are often used in dried flower arrangements.

For something a bit different, this beautiful "Bidri" work is named for the town in India where it is crafted, with inlaid silver - attractive on vases, plates and boxes. Finally, a sterling silver candle lighter and a candle snuffer are perfect gifts for candlelight occasions.

Oh, and don't forget that you can use silver Mylar to wrap your gift - then, no matter what the gift, you'll be observing the Silver Jubilee.

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