30th Anniversary Gifts: Pearl

30th Anniversary gifts styled in pearl
add luster to this marriage milestone!

Traditional and Modern
30th Anniversary Gifts:

Jewelry is by far the most common use for pearls, so it's not easy to find other genuine pearl gifts for a couple. You might consider a pearl tie tac or cuff links for him, to match a pair of pearl earrings for her - and in case you'd like

to give them pearl jewelry, here is some helpful information about natural and cultured pearls, and freshwater pearls.

For a gift that your anniversary couple can share, you can get their celebration off to a good start with Lenox "Jubilee Pearl" toasting flutes - with faux pearls in the stems resembling champagne bubbles. Lenox also makes a dessert serving set with similar handles.

Thinking beyond real or faux pearls, lets look at gifts that are "pearlized" (given a pearly finish), like this photo album. Glass and ceramic gifts like this table lamp can also be pearlized.

Mother of pearl, is a strong, irridescent layer of nacre (the stuff pearls are made of) found on the interior of mollusk shells. Mother of pearl is used for handles on home and office utensils (e.g., salad servers, letter opener, magnifying glass), and for picture frames, drink coasters, buttons, belt buckles, and many other fine candidates for 30th anniversary gifts.

For gifts with "pearl" in their names, Lenox has fine china patterns called "pearl platinum" and "pearl innocence" - along with their "pearl platinum" stainless flatware. Perhaps a serving piece from one of these patterns will coordinate nicely with your recipients' dressy tableware.

"Pearl" (or "oyster!") destinations demonstrate creating thinking - such as dinner at a restaurant or club, a day trip to a beach or state park, or a romantic getaway to a hotel or resort with "pearl" in its name.

For something a bit different, here is a wall clock featuring a walnut face with mother of pearl inlaying in the classic Ottoman style. And from the National Geographic online shop come beautifully crafted mother of pearl Egyptian inlaid boxes. Finally, here's a unique looking pen, made of genuine abalone mother of pearl.

And one last thought: if you wrap your gift in pearlized paper, and/or decorate it with pearl beads tied into the bow, then any sort of gift will express the Pearl Anniversary theme!

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