35th Anniversary Gifts: Coral, Jade

Colorful 35th Anniversary gifts
of Traditional Coral and Modern Jade
offer many attractive choices.

Traditional 35th Anniversary Gifts:

Corals belong to the animal kingdom and grow in the ocean, typically in clusters or colonies. Coral reefs form as generations of tropical coral grow on the skeletal remains of their ancestors.

There is an amazing variety of color and shape among corals. Unfortunately, global warming, pollution, and overharvesting have been taking a dreadful toll on corals and coral reefs.

Apart from jewelry, coral is used for carved figurines, and for functional items such as boxes and picture frames. Coral specimens mounted for display are lovely 35th anniversary gifts in themselves. You might also consider a gift made to imitate coral, like this natural-looking coral lamp.

Fossilized coral, known as coral stone, is found inland, in limestone quarries where once there was a sea. Genuine coral stone is used for gorgeous carved gifts like bookends, candle holders, vases, covered jars/boxes, coasters, bowls and trays.

Coral reefs are so beautiful that your anniversary couple is sure to enjoy a framed art print of an underwater reef scene, or an aerial view of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, or perhaps a closeup photo of a colorful soft coral. Any peachy-rose coral colored gift can also be said to follow the theme for 35th anniversary gifts.

Thinking of gifts with "coral" names, the beautiful varieties of the perennial flower "coral bells" (heuchera) provide enjoyment year after year. A destination gift to a "Coral" Hotel/Resort or restaurant (found in tropical climates worldwide), or perhaps scuba lessons or snorkel equipment for awesome coral reef viewing, would be a totally exciting 35th anniversary gift.

For something a bit different, you might have trouble deciding between this chess set of coral stone and black marble, and this one of coral stone and white onyx.

Finally, "cast" coral stone is a highly refined type of concrete that looks like coral stone and may contain coral aggregate. More durable and less expensive than cut/quarried coral/limestone, cast stone is made in molds for use in flooring and other architectural elements - like this modern-styled fireplace. A magnificent group gift, if the idea and timing are right for your anniversary couple!

Modern 35th Anniversary Gifts:
~ JADE ~

Jade is either of two very similar-looking minerals: nephrite, which is usually either green or creamy white, and jadeite, which can also be gray, yellow, orange, brown or violet. The "Imperial Jade" prized by collectors is usually jadeite. Jade is so tough that it was used by early man for tools and weapons (but probably not 35th anniversary gifts!).

In addition to jewelry, small ornaments and amulets, jade makes a good-looking decorative accent for functional gifts:

Jade is a symbol of good luck and a favorite of artists and collectors. If that describes your anniversary couple, they'll welcome a beautiful jade carving. In addition to jade horses and dragons, you'll find beautiful carved jade trees and fruit or flower baskets - lovely wherever they are displayed.

Shades of green and white contrast smartly in this Burmese jade chess set - note that the price includes a jade inlaid chess board. One or a grouping of Chinese Kuei-pi discs would be an exotic gift, and a Chinese jade incense burner is said to ward off negativity in the household.

For something a bit different, here's a gift with "jade" in its name, a stunning ceramic "jade peacock" vase, hand crafted in Mexico. A popular Boleslawiec tableware pattern from Poland is "Jade Swirl", which includes some really interesting accessories (the cheese lady is charming!). Finally, almost everyone loves a jade plant or a bonsai jade tree - both are adaptable and fairly easy to care for, and both are good 35th anniversary gifts - in name and color!

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