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About Rubies - Rubies are rare, good ones are expensive, and BIG good ones are more expensive than diamonds of the same size! (more info on rubies). The

good news is that excellent synthetic or lab-created rubies are available. "Created" rubies are required by law to be chemically, optically and physically identical to natural rubies and can be distinguished only under high power magnification by a trained gemologist. Our research indicates that Chatham gemstones are of high quality.

The best news is that lab-created rubies are substantially more affordable than good quality natural rubies. Personally, I see no problem with lab-created rubies if they are priced correctly, for they're made of genuine ruby ingredients. I'd rather receive a Chatham ruby for a 40th anniversary gift than a low quality natural ruby for a similar price!

Note the difference between synthetic and simulated stones! Simulated rubies (or simulants) are imitations, usually made of cubic zirconia or other materials, and they are easily identified by a jeweler. (more info). We recommend that you deal with a reputable jeweler and verify the chemical composition of any gem you purchase. Now, here's an imitation ruby that makes a bold statement - and an entertaining forty year anniversary gift.

Most gifts with rubies consist of men's and women's jewelry. If you wish to give ruby jewelry as 40th anniversary gifts, matching or companion jewelry such as ruby rings, or a ruby tie tac/cufflinks for him and ruby earrings of a similar design for her, will honor the shared nature of a wedding anniversary.

Except for jewelry, gifts in ruby are tough to find, especially gifts to enjoy together. We found rubies (or imitation rubies) decorating items like:

  • folding knives (especially ruby-inlay thumb studs)
  • wooden flutes
  • guitar headstocks
  • pool cues
  • swords and daggers
  • tiaras and scepters (imitation, for proms and pageants)
  • chalices and the like, in museums (not for sale)
  • not much else.

So, taking a different approach, let's focus on ruby as a color - as in these ruby red wine glasses (matching goblets and champagne flutes also available). For twice as much ruby color, here are ruby roses in a ruby vase.

Gift baskets of ruby red grapefruit or ruby red apples are healthful 40th anniversary gifts, and a fine ruby port wine would be tasty, too. For a couple who likes to garden, a "Ruby Ruby" miniature rose will commemorate their 40th for years to come.

Household accents are another option. A trio of stemmed ruby candle holders looks inviting on a window sill, or this handsome ruby mallard figurine on a shelf or mantel. And a ruby butterfly or a sharp-looking ruby medallion mirror will brighten up an entry wall.

For something a bit different, think of 40th anniversary gifts with "Ruby" in their names. For example, a beautiful framed photographic print of a ruby-throated hummingbird (and a hummingbird feeder or a stained glass hummingbird suncatcher) are on theme, and this hummingbird tapestry will lend a cheerful air to any room.

Don't forget "ruby" destination gifts - a meal at Ruby Tuesday's, or a visit to a ruby mine in North Carolina, Australia or south Asia, or a week's getaway at the Ruby Golf Course in the Bahamas!

One final thought: By now, your anniversary couple is getting closer to retirement age, and they may be thinking about downsizing. If so, try to avoid gifts that will add clutter to their lives. Perhaps the most well-chosen gift ideas would be consumables, or an experience or destination gift.

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