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45th Anniversary Gifts:

Except for jewelry, forty-five year anniversary gifts containing sapphires are very difficult to find. If you wish to give jewelry, consider that

matching or companion pieces for husband and wife will celebrate the togetherness of a wedding anniversary. But first...

About Sapphires - According to Wikipedia, "Sapphire is any gemstone-quality corundum that is not true red. (The red variety of corundum is also known as ruby.)" Different colors are caused by various chemical impurities, and if the color isn't mentioned, the sapphire is assumed to be blue.

"Star" sapphires are the result of needle-like inclusions in the stone that are visible only when the stone is cut as a (non-faceted) cabochon.

Sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness, and they're out of most people's price range for 45th anniversary gifts. However, lab-created (synthetic) sapphires are an excellent and far more affordable choice. Our research suggests that Chatham stones are well worth your attention.

Do not confuse the term "synthetic" with "simulated" or "simulant."

  • Synthetic gems are composed of the same material as natural gems.

  • Simulated gems or simulants are imitations - often very well made and very pretty, but usually made of crystal (the best are cubic zirconia) or glass.
Personally, I think synthetic, lab-created gems are fine - they're made of the same material as natural stones, only by a faster process. Well-made lab created gems can be distinguished only under high power magnification, by a trained gemologist - but they are not rare, and they should be priced accordingly.

So... shop for sapphire 45th anniversary gifts with care. Many retailers use the term "synthetic" when the stones are actually simulants or imitations. Be sure to deal with a reputable jeweler and insist on knowing the chemical composition of any gemstone you purchase.

Now, let's leave jewelry and think creatively about 45th anniversary gifts that the couple can share. You'll find gift ideas that use imitation sapphires, gifts that depict sapphires, gifts in sapphire colors, and gifts with "sapphire" in their names.

This pretty keepsake box with imitation pink sapphire can store other 45th anniversary gifts when the chocolates are gone. Lapis lazuli, "the sapphire of the Ancient World," forms the oceans of this gemstone desk globe.

Handcrafted gifts will be appreciated by art lovers. Sapphires are depicted on these hand painted floral motif boxes from Peru, while "Sapphire Sophistication" names a hand stitched rug from Kashmir.

Sapphire colors will put your gift on-theme, as in a sapphire blue glass vase or the appealing "Pink Sapphire" bouquet from ProFlowers.com. This graceful art print depicts its sapphire blossoms in a quiet style, and "Sapphire Coat of Arms," is a reverse-painted glass mirror frame, featuring that special shade of blue. From the grandkids, "Elite Sapphire" microlights are handy, useful, and so affordable that Grandma and Grandpa can each have one.

For something a bit different, consider giving your anniversary couple a set of custom designed postage stamps (they are approved by the U.S. Post Office). Submit a sapphire colored design, or use your couple's favorite photo - with a sapphire-colored border, of course!

Travel destinations make exciting 45th anniversary gifts - perhaps to a "sapphire" beach resort, or a trip to view the Sapphire Pool at Yellowstone National Park, or a visit to Lake Sapphire in North Carolina. As they reminisce or plan new travels, your anniversary couple can enjoy cup of Sapphire Earl Grey tea or perhaps a Bombay Sapphire gin cocktail.

A final thought bears repeating: By now, your anniversary couple may be retired and trying to downsize. Be sensitive to that, so your gift will avoid adding clutter to their lives. As you consider 45th anniversary gifts, give extra thought to consumables, or an experience or destination gift.

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