4th Anniversary Gifts:
Fruit/Flowers, Appliances

4th Anniversary gifts bring
traditional food for body/soul (fruit/flowers),
and modern time & labor saving appliances.

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts:

Flowers and fruit baskets are popular and especially well suited for long distance giving. The Fruit Company ships premium fruits and fruit baskets; an overseas partner handles
international orders. ProFlowers.com has lovely flowers, in interesting color combinations, and their international network extends to over 60 countries.

For a long-lasting gift, a fruit tree will produce lovely flowers in the Spring and luscious fruit at harvest time. I have obtained excellent nursery stock from Stark Bros. Nurseries. If space is limited, one or more strawberry towers with sets of 25 Ozark Beauty strawberry plants, will be delicious 4th anniversary gifts.

Perennial flowers will last for years, in a flowerbed or in a container for small-space gardening. I've always been happy with Wayside Gardens and offer this link to their perennials page. You may prefer to shop at a local garden center if you want full-grown plants, or potted and/or blooming floral plants to present as 4th anniversary gifts.

For something a bit different, remember that many gift candidates have flower motifs - a framed flower art print or poster for example, or a botanical print or still life with fruit. You can have a print transferred onto canvas so it will look like an original painting.

Floral home accents, and objets d'art like these porcelain flower figurines from the Andrea by Sadek collection are pretty gifts, and here is something similar on a music box. A beautiful hand carved teak flower panel from Thailand can be creatively mounted on wall, ceiling, or even a cabinet door.

And one of these edible arrangements of fruit is sure to be a hit - either as a gift or to serve at your couple's 4th anniversary party!

Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts:

Tip to husbands: appliances are NOT considered romantic gifts (...OK, maybe a whirlpool/hot tub... if you call that an appliance!). For romance, you're better off with the traditional 4th anniversary gifts: fruit or flowers. In fact, if you're giving your wife an appliance - even one she has specifically asked for - give her a bouquet of flowers or one of those pretty fruit arrangements too!

For those giving to an anniversary couple: by the time they've been married four years, your recipients probably have the major appliances they need. If not, we suggest you organize a group anniversary gift, and share the cost for a high quality appliance. The stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer or vacuum cleaner deserve top priority status! Consult with your recipients to be sure your gift includes the features they consider important.

Small appliances are tricky as anniversary gifts - some actually get used, and others sit on a shelf and gather dust! You may wish to focus on a particular category of appliances: kitchen/food preparation... household... bath/personal care... or electronic. An appliance related to one of the couple's interests, or favorite foods, or their particular lifestyle is a good four year anniversary gift.

To be sure of giving appliances that recipients genuinely want, a gift card or gift certificate is probably the safest choice. Bear in mind that an American Express or VISA gift card can be used in almost any store, while a gift certificate is redeemable only by the store that issues it.

For something a bit different, your thinking should include items like cameras, yard & garden equipment, and anything rechargeable. Your recipients might like to try the latest in modern appliances - a robot vacuum cleaner or a chocolate fountain, for example, or perhaps a pair of cell phones that do everything but empty the dishwasher and change the baby!

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