50th Anniversary Gifts
for the Golden Jubilee

50th Anniversary gifts in gold
celebrate a rare achievement!

Traditional and Modern
50th Anniversary Gifts:
~ The Golden Jubilee ~

Our first suggestion for a Golden Jubilee gift is... gold! From the Alaska Mint, you can get gold nuggets, gold nugget jewelry, and gold rush medallions. Especially appropriate for the 50th anniversary are the

American Eagle one-ounce gold proof coins from the U.S. Mint, with a face value of $50 (smaller sizes available). Your anniversary couple may also be interested in internationally minted gold coins. There are some real beauties!

Everyone likes gold jewelry, and it's available in all price ranges (24k is pure gold and most expensive; as "k" decreases, the price and richness of shine go down, but hardness increases).

If you wish to give jewelry, consider matching or companion pieces to honor the togetherness that an anniversary celebrates. You may wish to have special his-and-her 50th anniversary gifts custom designed by a jewelry company or an independent artisan.

Gold-trimmed gifts like this crystal stemware are elegant. Or, select a fine china serving dish trimmed with 24k gold to coordinate with your recipients' own china pattern. Collectibles such as lacquer orchid blossoms are even more collectible with gold trim. And gold leaf is the perfect finish for a hand painted vase.

Gold color or a "gold finish" express the theme nicely. An "antique gold" finish mirror is a good example. Gold packaging also carries out the theme, as in these heavenly Godiva chocolates.

Giving 50 of something is a creative way to celebrate the Golden Anniversary. Here you can get fifty gold-colored roses for a reasonable price. Fifty 50-cent pieces are doubly-thematic 50th anniversary gifts. Visit a coin dealer for 50-cent pieces minted in each year of your recipients' marriage. Or, choose coins from particularly eventful years... birth of children, moving to a new home, and so on.

Since gold plated items are modestly priced, a pair of gold ballpoint pens are affordable 50th anniversary gifts. And how about a pair of gold plated key rings for Grandma and Grandpa, from the kids?

Also fairly affordable are these gift ideas with "gold" in their names. First is a lifelike hand carved and painted goldfinch sculpture. Next is a great set of Golden Gate Bridge bookends. Grandma and Grandpa might also enjoy having the kids treat them to lunch or a refreshing drink at that restaurant with the famous "Golden Arches."

For something a bit different, original art and fine crafts will be well-chosen 50th anniversary gifts. Here is an unusual hand-painted box in antique red and gold (click Decor > Decorative Boxes for more choices). This magnificent blown glass gold powder vase would be lovely with some of those 50 roses we mentioned earlier. More fine craftsmanship is displayed in the 22k gold leaf detailing on this marble plate from India.

This final thought bears repeating: Your 50th anniversary couple is probably retired by now, and may be trying to downsize or at least avoid more clutter in their lives. If that's the case, it may be best to focus on consumables or give some thought to an experience or destination gift. If you're having Golden Jubilee party with lots of friends and family - group giving is a good way to fund a destination gift and to be sensitive to downsizing issues.

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