55th Anniversary Gifts: Emerald

Emerald 55th Anniversary gifts:
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beyond gemstones and jewelry.

Traditional and Modern
55th Anniversary Gifts:

Emeralds aren't often found in gifts other than jewelry, but what could make a nicer anniversary gift than matching or companion jewelry for husband and wife?

We did find two non-jewelry gifts of genuine emerald. First is a small polished mineral sphere containing emerald in its natural matrix (host rock). (A stand can be purchased separately).

Second, this graceful gemstone tree sculpture with real gemstone leaves, hand crafted in Brazil.

About emeralds - They are a member of the beryl family of gemstones - fairly tough (Mohs score is 7.5 - 8 out of 10), though somewhat brittle, and are most prized for their deep, intense green color. Inclusions and cracks are common, so a large flawless emerald will probably cost more than a diamond of equal size.

Synthetic or lab-created emeralds are well worth considering for 55th anniversary gifts. They're composed of the same substance as natural emerald but created in far less time than earth's natural processes require. Our research suggests that synthetic emeralds made by Chatham are of highest quality.

Note that simulants, or simulated gems are imitations, usually made of cubic zirconia or other materials. Simulants can be easily identified by a jeweler. Synthetic, lab-created gems, on the other hand, can be identified only under high magnification by a trained gemologist.

It's wise, when shopping for emerald gifts, to deal with a reputable jeweler and be sure you know the chemical composition of any gemstone you purchase. I personally think lab-created gems make very well-chosen gifts, but they are not rare and pricing should reflect that fact.

Now let's turn to emerald-colored 55th anniversary gifts. A pretty bouquet will look prettier in an emerald green vase. This green-on-green covered ceramic jar from Thailand is a little beauty, and isn't this crystal stemware an intense green!

For gifts with "emerald" in their names, plants such as emerald arborvitae or one of the emerald hostas will brighten your anniversary couple's landscape. An emerald green silk box gives its name to this pound cake gift that also includes a spray of fresh flowers.

"Emerald" destinations are wonderful 55th anniversary gifts. You might consider organizing a group gift of a visit to Ireland, the "Emerald Isle," or perhaps your anniversary couple would enjoy visiting an Emerald Lake (in Alberta, or Vermont, Australia or wherever). Other destination gift options: Seattle, the "Emerald City," or Boston's famous Emerald Necklace, a series of linked parks, or California's Emerald Forest Bird Gardens.

If a destination gift isn't right for your anniversary couple, consider 55th anniversary gifts that bring the destination to them:

For something a bit different ...a real conversation piece, actually!... from Indonesia, in shades of emerald and sapphire, comes this awesome, abstract, elephant painting. That is, it was painted by an elephant, and it's sure to be the most unusual gift your anniversary couple receives!

Once again, this final thought: Give special consideration to 55th anniversary gifts that are appropriate to your anniversary couple's lifestyle. If clutter and/or confusion are issues, consumables may be best. For a well-chosen experience or destination gift, be sensitive also to their level of stamina.

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