5th Anniversary Gifts:
Wood, Silverware

For 5th Anniversary gifts,
wood is traditional, silverware is modern,
and both offer some surprises!

Traditional 5th Anniversary Gifts:
~ WOOD ~

The choices in wooden gifts are almost endless and range from the practical, like this maple lazy susan, to the traditional, like a comfy rocking chair, to the decorative, like one of these handsome plant stands. Any wooden furniture or home accents are good candidates for a five year anniversary gift.

The beauty of natural wood shows why serving trays and handcrafted boxes are such popular gifts. Adding entertainment to beauty, this handsome chess set in rosewood and boxwood is an elegant gift. For you romantics, this hand-carved wood statuette from Indonesia, called "Everlasting Kiss," is sure to enhance the mood.

All 5th anniversary gifts of wood begin with trees. Colonial-era New England homes often have a pair of "bride and groom" trees (usually maples) framing the house, but a smaller, Japanese maple is a lovely gift that will last for years. Or, you might choose a bonsai tree for your anniversary couple to enjoy indoors or outside on the deck/patio.

For something a bit different, handcrafted items from around the world - like these wooden masks - are interesting and unusual. Your recipients might like an intricate Japanese puzzle box for storing small treasures, or a decorative hand carved/decorated box from Poland to help control clutter (I store small batteries in mine).

And for something really different, wait until you see this! It's decorative (and yes, functional) and quite possibly the most unusual 5th anniversary gift ever! Believe it or not, someone else makes them too!

Look for more wood anniversary gift ideas at 6th Anniversary Gifts, in the modern section. Also, our Peruvian Gifts page features several beautifully handcrafted gifts of wood in the "Wall Decor" and "Collectibles" sections.

Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts:

Most lists of Modern anniversary themes designate "silverware" as the five year anniversary gift. But the Silver Jubilee is the 25th Anniversary and that's very special! To keep the Silver Jubilee unique, we refrain from introducing silver as a milestone gift before the 25th year and recommend, instead, stainless steel / pewter as modern 5th anniversary gifts.

Stainless is a natural. Here is one of several online sources for stainless flatware that have many delightful patterns to choose from. High quality stainless kitchen equipment, like fine cutlery and heavy-gauge cookware, will last a lifetime. Small appliances come in stainless, too - for example, a jewelry cleaner will prepare your recipients for the gemstone anniversary years yet to come!

For couples who like barbecues, a stainless grill with stainless utensils, or this extra nice stainless ice bucket and tongs are sure to please. For evening barbecue parties, a gift of LED yard lights combines safety and smart looks. You might also consider a stainless address plaque or house numbers in shiny or satin finish.

As for pewter, we were surprised not to find it on any modern or traditional gift list. Modern pewter is composed of 90% - 99% tin, mixed with antimony, bismuth, copper and/or zinc to add hardness or other attributes. Note that older pewter pieces may also contain lead, so look for lead-free pewter for 5th anniversary gifts that will come into contact with food.

Pewter looks much like silver and is beautiful in either shiny or satin finish. But unlike silver, modern pewter doesn't tarnish! If you browse through this quality pewter website (links are provided to online and local retailers), I think you'll agree that pewter deserves a position on the anniversary chart.

For this nice pewter jam jar with the pineapple knob, you can get a jam spoon to match. A satin finish is lovely for this elegant compote, and what could feel more warm and homey than pewter candlesticks? A candle snuffer would be an appropriate companion gift from the kids!

For something a bit different in stainless steel, a cordless LED grill light is a handy five year anniversary gift for those barbecue fans we talked about. Have you ever heard of stainless steel soap? Me neither, but it looks like a fun and useful gift. And a stainless tabletop fountain fosters a sense of relaxation, indoors or out.

In pewter, table lamps make gorgeous 5th anniversary gifts that are beyond the ordinary. Bear in mind that "pewter" can also describe the color or finish of items ranging from lamps to mirror frames to curtain rods.

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