60th Anniversary Gifts:
Diamond Jubilee!

Diamond 60th Anniversary gifts -
a fitting honor for exceptional role models!

Traditional and Modern
60th Anniversary Gifts:
~ The Diamond Jubilee ~

The rare couple who achieve sixty years of marriage are fully deserving of honor symbolized by the most precious of gemstones. Many gifts of watches and jewelry beautifully incorporate diamonds or diamond chips into their designs. In a more modest price range are handsome accessories with diamond accents, like keychains or money clips.

About man-made, lab-created diamonds

There's a lot of online buzz about man-made or lab-created diamonds, and a lot of misinformation. The best advice I can offer as you shop for diamond gifts is:

  • Do some homework and be sure you understand the terminology.
  • Deal with a reputable jeweler and ask questions.
  • Find out the chemical composition of any man-made gem you buy.
  • Make up your own mind, get what you pay for, and get a certification.

Don't confuse synthetic with simulated/simulant. Synthetics are chemically identical to natural gemstones, but the lab process is faster than nature, with fewer flaws (compare to cultured pearls). Simulated stones or simulants are imitations, made of materials other than those found in the natural gemstone (compare to artificial pearlized-finish beads).

Given the price of diamonds, and the potential savings if you choose synthetic gems for 60th anniversary gifts, here are some homework articles! Please read this short article for clarification about synthetic vs. simulants. This interesting longer article is well worth a read for background on the diamond industry and the development of processes for lab-created diamonds.

As noted in the longer article, Apollo is the only one making clear or nearly-clear diamonds - browse their "jewelry" section to see how they do it. For colored gemstones, including diamonds, our research suggests that Chatham (this link is to a retailer) does exceptional work. Here is a link to Chatham's Gemstone IQ page for more information.

Now, more ideas for 60th anniversary gifts!

An alternative for this theme is diamond-cut crystal, whether a fun and affordable item like a big "diamond" paperweight, or a more substantial crystal lamp or crystal vase cut in a diamond pattern. A pair of diamond-cut crystal Irish coffee glasses (and some Aloha Island "Diamond" coffee) is just right for a cozy evening together.

Diamond-patterned 60th anniversary gifts are in keeping with the Diamond Jubilee theme. The diamond motif can often be found as beautiful inlays on decorative/jewelry boxes, wooden trays, mirror frames, and so on. Mosaics often incorporate diamond shapes - look for them in star or pineapple designs.

Interesting diamond-patterned gifts come from many countries:

For something a bit different, a crystal water prism will create a lovely rainbow, indoors or outdoors. These gorgeous handmade Amish quilts, with several different star patterns consisting of diamond-shaped pieces, are heirloom quality 60th anniversary gifts. (Note that if a particular quilt is marked "sold," Amish Loft will make you another.)

Again, a final thought: considering your recipients' ages, you'll need to give extra care to finding 60th anniversary gifts they can use and/or enjoy. Seniors who are able may enjoy a drive to "diamond" destination... Diamond Park, Diamond Lake... or dinner at a "diamond" restaurant. Please visit our Gifts for Seniors page for helpful ideas geared to elderly anniversary couples.

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