6th Anniversary Gifts: Iron, Wood

6th Anniversary gifts
of iron (traditional) or wood (modern)
add wonderful accents to the home.

Traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts:
~ IRON ~

Iron is the most plentiful and used metal on earth, according to Wikipedia, and has been since 4000 BC. Cast iron is a very hard alloy containing carbon and silicon, and articles are shaped by casting the melted alloy in a mold. Forged or wrought iron contains little carbon, so it's comparatively soft and can be shaped by pressing or hammering when the metal is hot.

Hundreds of household goods for indoors and outdoors are made of iron. A collection of fancy candle holders, an unusual wine rack, or a multi-tiered plant stand are just a few of the attractive 6th anniversary gifts available in iron. Fancy but practical shelf brackets, or an all-iron wall shelf are tasteful iron gifts, and useful in any room.

For outdoors, consider wrought iron lawn furniture or a trellis or arbor (note: shop with care, as so-called "wrought iron" items may turn out to be made of aluminum or steel). You might reflect your recipients' interests with a charming wrought or cast iron weathervane, which can be mounted on the lawn, deck or roof.

For something a bit different, check out these ornate doormats. For romantic evenings by the fire, a set of iron fireplace tools, or andirons, and/or a firewood carrier, would be handsome 6th anniversary gifts indeed. Some of these wrought iron lamps are pretty interesting too!

You'll find other iron gift ideas at 9th Anniversary Gifts in the modern section.

Modern 6th Anniversary Gifts:
~ WOOD ~

So many things are made of wood - furniture, jewelry boxes, clocks, lamps, trays, figurines - it should be easy to find 6th anniversary gifts, whatever your anniversary couple's interests. Here are some very nice wooden bowls. A home can always use more wooden shelves or a wood-framed room divider to help keep life organized.

Getting down to basic wood, a live ornamental tree - or a pair - for their yard would be highly appropriate 6th anniversary gifts. Or you might donate a tree in their honor for their church grounds, alma mater campus, or local public park. If your recipients are interested in environmental issues, a $10 gift membership to the National Arbor Day Foundation is a creative six year anniversary gift, and it includes ten tree seedlings.

If your anniversary couple enjoys gardening but has limited yard space, a bonsai tree for the deck or patio, or an espalier tree (trained on a wall or trellis), are creative wood anniversary gifts. For indoor comfort, a supply of firewood will provide cozy evenings - a gift to last through the winter.

Or, you can think figuratively and arrange for a destination gift with "wood" or "woods" in its name:

  • a visit to one of the Redwood State or National Parks in California, or a framed poster, art print, or photograph of those amazing trees.
  • Casino night at Foxwoods (Connecticut), Lake of the Woods (Minnesota), Twin Pine (California), or Cypress Bayou (Louisiana)
  • Dinner at a "tree" restaurant... you name it: Apple, Fig, Lemon, Olive, Pepper, Peach, Oak, Cedar... there's sure to be a "tree" restaurant near your anniversary couple!
  • Other possible destinations with "wood" or the name of a tree in their names: golf course, theater, bed and breakfast, lake, mountain or island resort.

For something a bit different, wood gifts are sometimes enhanced with beautiful intarsia, which is wood mosaic art, or marquetry, which is veneer inlay art. Intarsia and marquetry wall art can be spectacular, and are usually priced according to complexity of designs and overall size.

For something totally different, wait until you see this awesome wood item - for artistic display or functional use. Even more surprising, someone else makes them, too, and boasts some very famous clients!

You'll find more wood gift ideas at 5th Anniversary Gifts in the Traditional section. Also, our Peruvian Gifts page features several beautifully handcrafted gifts of wood in the "Wall Decor" and "Collectibles" sections.

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