7th Anniversary Gifts:
Copper, Pottery

Enhance indoor and outdoor living
with 7th Anniversary gifts
of traditional copper or modern pottery.

Traditional 7th Anniversary Gifts:

This entry in the milestones list is the only occurrence of copper - copper is not on any modern anniversary gift list we could find. Too bad, as it has many useful properties, along with a lovely color in either a satin or shiny finish or in its natural green patina often seen in roofing and statuary (the Statue of Liberty contains over 80 tons of copper!).

You'll find many copper gift possibilities for outdoor use: weathervanes, house numbers, garden plaques, outdoor thermometers, and even mailboxes, to name just a few.

Art meets functionality with these interesting copper motion sculpture lawn sprinklers. Copper wind chimes are cheerful on a breezy day, and a copper rain chain will provide interest on a rainy day.

Moving inside, one or a group of Andean copper masks would be an intriguing focus for a room's decor. Now, what could be more homey than a copper kettle simmering on the stove? If your anniversary couple already has one, you can make your seven-year gift a copper wall clock to match. Copper is also excellent for saucepans and other cookware.

For something a bit different, these Turkish copper plates or vases would be stunning 7th anniversary gifts. Here's a very pretty covered bowl that you could fill with candy kisses. And for entertaining, back outside on the deck or patio, this upscale copper chiminea / firepit can be used as a grill or to drive the chill from a spring or fall evening.

Modern 7th Anniversary Gifts:

Since many retailers use the terms pottery, stoneware, and ceramics interchangeably, we'll consider them all as modern 7th anniversary gifts. Let's begin with a personalized anniversary bowl or platter where their names will subtly enhance the design.

A gift of pottery may turn your recipients into avid collectors, if you carefully consider their tastes. Interesting or amusing designs, like this duck family tea set may capture their imagination. Or, they may be drawn to pottery associated with traditions - the wedding vases of the Pueblo Indians are especially appropriate gifts for a wedding anniversary.

Some collectors like plenty of geographical diversity; others prefer to concentrate on one country or region - perhaps that of their ethnic origins, or places they have visited or hope to visit. You can choose beautiful ceramics and pottery from all corners of the world - Africa, South America/Andes, Poland, Thailand, and Turkey - to name a few!

For something a bit different, a 7th anniversary gift of an outdoor pottery wall planter or sculpture* will add visual interest to a fence, or a barn or garage wall, and ceramic bells or wind chimes will add auditory interest.

One of these creative ceramic tile installations may spark just the gift idea you're looking for - perhaps the fireplaces, or the design ideas for doors and steps. A ceramic tile installation (in consultation with your recipients, of course) would be good for a group gift.

*PS: These tree faces are a hoot... most are made of resin or other material, not pottery, but may be we could pretend (...or use a set to decorate your gift package)!

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