8th Anniversary Gifts:
Bronze, Linens/Lace

8th Anniversary gifts use ancient materials
- bronze for traditional, linen/lace for modern -
to enhance today's households.

Traditional 8th Anniversary Gifts:

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Bronze does not oxydize, but it does develop a patina much like copper. You may have difficulty finding a big variety of gifts in bronze, and they may be rather expensive. Many products described by retailers as "bronze" are actually made of brass, steel, cast aluminum, or even polyresin, with a "bronze finish."

These alternate materials are usually suitable for the products made from them. The difference between bronze and brass bells, however, is noticeable in tonal quality. My dad collected bells, and his favorite was a bronze with a lovely patina. I recommend that you choose among genuine bronze bells for an outstanding tone.

You'll notice the price difference between, for example, solid bronze lamps (shop carefully!) and bronze finish lamps. Either group offers very nice 8th anniversary gifts. Your recipients might like an "oiled bronze" door knocker, or this garden hose holder with "French bronze" color finish.

Art lovers are likely to enjoy a bronze sculpture like "Grace and Strength", or another of this artist's work. Art pieces incorporating bronze leaf (a very thin foil of bronze used to accent paintings, and frames, and other artistic pieces) beautifully express the bronze theme.

For something a bit different, these bronze-finish "portholes" are made in Hawaii and nicely frame your choice of a mirror or a nautical print. Perhaps your anniversary couple will respond to the exotic appeal of a bronze gong that comes with a striker and a stand.

Modern 8th Anniversary Gifts:

Linens refers to cloth household items in general - bath towels, bedding, throws & pillows, potholders & dishtowels, placemats & napkins - all are available online or at bed-and-bath or department stores. A fine linen tablecloth is an especially elegant gift. A special bottle of wine or champagne will express the theme if you present it in a linen wine bag.

Household linens are often decorated with lace, and perhaps that's why lace is the designated alternate for modern 8th anniversary gifts. A linen and lace centerpiece doily will be pretty on a table or sideboard, under a bowl of fruit or candy, or a vase of flowers (how about Queen Anne's lace?).

The trick with lace anniversary gifts is to find one that isn't too frilly to suit the husband. You might consider "Country Willow" curtains... and "Pine Ridge" isn't overly frilly either.

For something a bit different, consider items that are lace-like in design or character. For example, artistic Chinese paper cuts. Frame one with a linen matte or liner, to reflect the dual theme for modern 8th anniversary gifts! For a gift from the kitchen, make up a batch of "citrus lace cups" for the anniversary couple. Going back to that bottle of wine, here's an entertaining linen gift for it to wear to the table.

Note to anniversary couples: think about celebrating your 8th anniversary with a trip to New Orleans in August, to take in the annual White Linen Night - and/or Dirty Linen Night a week later. Look for more lace gift ideas at our 13th Anniversary Gifts page, in the Traditional section.

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