Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas
for the Well-Dressed Gift

Creative gift wrapping ideas and
illustrated instructions, for gift presentations
that will steal the show!

Gift wrapping examples: box w/bow, gift bag, box w/pretty topper.

"Ooooh, who is that gorgeous present for?"
(I hope it's for me!)

"Ah, what an intriguing package!"
(Wish I could wrap a gift like that!)

Whatever the occasion, it's gratifying when your gift receives "oohs and ahs" even before it is opened. Here in our "well-dressed gift" department you'll find creative gift wrapping ideas to make that happen.

It's likely that your skill in this area falls somewhere between these:

You have no idea how to wrap a gift, and secretly consider yourself "all thumbs." You want clear, illustrated, BASIC instructions. You're not looking for anything too fancy or complicated just now.

You're good at this and love to prepare intriguing surprises. You have lots of creative gift wrapping ideas but need help with a tough challenge, or maybe a new fashion idea for your well-dressed gift.

Gift wrapping examples: tube, rectangle & round boxes, tissue paper pouch, gift bag.Whatever your skill level, don't worry. You've learned more difficult skills - parallel parking, or playing the clarinet, or swimming, or making a perfect pie crust. With our tutorials and a little practice, you'll soon master the basics of gift wrapping.

It's not ALL about basic gift wrapping techniques, though that's a good place to start. Then fnd out which materials are easy (or tricky) to work with; how to select a container (or make your own); ways to stimulate your own creative gift wrapping ideas; what to do when wrapping WON'T do; and more...

Here's an index to guide you:

Basic Tips & Techniques

Six Gift Wrapping Tips and Techniques

Illustrated Gift Wrapping Tutorials

Gift Wrapping 101: Gift Bag
Gift Wrapping 102: Tissue paper Pouch
Gift Wrapping 103: Cardboard Tube (or long, slender gift)
Gift Wrapping 104: Rectangular Box
Gift Wrapping 105: Round Box
Gift Wrapping 106: Hexagonal Box

Gift Wrapping Papers and Other Materials

Gift Wrap: What You Need to Know
Cellophane Wrap and its Polymer Look-Alikes
Elegant Foil Gift Wrap and its Metallic Cousins
Gift Wrapping Tissue
Creative Wrappers: Handmade Gift Wrap and Other Materials

Gift Containers

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Boxes
Creative Gift Packaging: Beyond Boxes and Gift Bags
Wrapping a Gift Basket or Open Gift Container
Wrapping a Large Gift

Ribbons and Bows

Gift Wrapping Ribbons, Ties, and Gift Bows
Tie a Gift Bow in the Classic Style
How to Tie a Gift Bow: The Crisscross Loop
How to Tie a Gift Bow: Graduated Loops

Gift Tag Tips & Techniques

Creative Gift Tag Ideas

Disguises and Surprises

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas: Disguises & Surprises
Make a Cardboard Tube Candle

And if you're a little nervous about getting started, this comical take on gift wrapping from Hints and Things may provide just the relief you need!

With basic skills and creative thinking,
your well-dressed gifts will look
"too nice to open!"

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