Need a Gift for a Gardener?
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Find a gift for a gardener, no matter
what the season! Gardening gift ideas to please
green-thumb recipients all year round.

Gifts for Gardeners: flowering borderAs an avid gardener, I'm always discovering something new – which vegetable plants like which flower companions, which strawberry grows best in my garden, which tool works best for which job - and what makes a great gift for a gardener.

Back in Connecticut, I had a 40' x 100' garden. We reclaimed it from a cow pasture, so it started out fairly fertile (though plagued by quitch grass). Over the years, I tried just about every sort of vegetable, lots of berries, and flowers too. It was a way of life I loved, and we sure ate well!

Now I have a tiny yard, a very tiny garden, and some new ideas about the well chosen gift for a gardener – the gardener with limited space.

Your recipient's level of interest, available space, and preferred garden type (flowers, veggies, fruits, landscape, or a combination) will be factors in your gift selection. Many gardening gifts can be used all year long (see ideas below), and other suggestions are arranged by season - just pick and click!

Winter Gifts for Gardeners
Gardening Gifts for the Busy Spring
Summertime Gardening Gifts
Cool Gardening Gifts for Autumn

4-Season Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners: water lilies
Specialty gardening books – most gardeners enjoy trying out new ideas. Books introducing techniques and garden types that recipients haven't tried are thoughtful gifts for gardeners.

Here are some suggestions:
  • organic gardening
  • intensive gardening
  • companion gardening
  • raised beds
  • shade gardens
  • butterfly gardens
  • container gardens
  • composting
  • water gardens
  • related topics: walls & fences, topiary/espaliers, fountains.

Gifts for Gardeners: plant containerContainer Gardening is the option for folks who don't have yard space for a garden. You can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on outdoor planters, but moderately priced planters and and containers for flowers and vegetables can be found. There are good containers for porches, decks, balconies or patios, and many are suitable to bring indoors for the winter. Be sure to choose a planter with proper drainage!

Compost is the rich, earthy material created by the decomposition of plant life: yard/garden waste and kitchen scraps. It can be made in a compost pile or a Composting Bin. Compost is the best fertilizer for garden soil, and it's just as nourishing for house plants. Your gardener will be glad to have a supply for enriching potting soil in any season. A tumbling compost bin is convenient and easy to use, especially for gardeners who don't have yard space for a large compost pile. Smaller versions are also available.

The nice thing about having a gardener in your life is the wonderful variety of gifts for gardeners. Again, I encourage you to consider the type of gardening your recipient enjoys, and the level of his/her interest…

…and your gift for a gardener
will be sure to please,
in any season of the year.

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