A Good Gift for a Graduate:
Teens and Older

A good gift for a graduate shouldn't end up
collecting dust in Mom's attic!
Here's why an SBI website is an excellent choice.

A Solo Build It! website is a good gift for a graduate because it's an absorbing and very satisfying project for fun and/or profit - in any area of interest. The fun part is expanding your horizons, meeting new people, and sharing information on whatever topic you're passionate about.

As for the profit part, you get total step-by-step guidance - HOW to do each step, and WHY it's done in that way. Build a site that attracts lots of free, targeted traffic, and you have the foundation for a profitable business.

After this SBIer carefully followed the process, from research and niche topic selection on through to monitization, her site is now in the top 1% for traffic of all 100 million active websites:

"...I invested my trust and my time with the SiteSell philosophy and knew it could work for me....Four years later, let me assure you that I've surpassed all of my financial forecasts year over year with my site on dreadlocks."
Natasha from myDreadlocks.com

In other words, this SBI site gets more visitors than 99% of all websites!

A good gift for a graduate moving on to higher education, an SBI website can generate supplemental income to help with university or grad school expenses.

For graduates who have completed their formal education, an SBI website can grow into their primary income producer - well worth considering in tough economic times, when employment opportunities are scarce in many fields.

A recent Harris poll revealed that 72% of American households
are thinking about starting a home-based business.
Your graduate might be thinking about it too!

Many "SBIers" have been able to quit their day jobs because they are earning a good income from websites originally begun in their spare time. And many who were "downsized" have been able to make ends meet with their SBI websites.

Solo Build It! is an especially good gift for a graduate who is embarking on a mid-life career change, or who is ready to chuck the rat race. Many, many middle-aged graduates will relate to this young SBIer's comments:

"I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life. That...is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!. Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?"
~ Nori Evoy, Anguilla-Beaches.com

- and take inspiration from her remarkable success (also in the top 1%)

For older graduates, a source of extra retirement income may be a strong motivator. It was for me a while back, when I completed my college degree at age 55. I wish I'd known about SBI then! Well, I know about it now and can testify that Solo Build It! is a really good gift for graduates like me who want to build a more secure retirement.

But we're not the only ones! There are over 40,000 Solo Build It! website owners ranging from teenagers to retirees. And over half of SBIers own more than one website. With Solo Build It!, a graduate of almost any age can succeed online, given the many ways it can produce an income.

I'd like you to meet some SBI owners, who will tell you their own stories. Each of them has been empowered by SBI to achieve financial success along with a wonderful sense of freedom in their lives. Three examples:

  • "Growth and Self Reliance"
    is by a young woman who at the age of 14 started an SBI website about her favorite vacation spot – now the site pays her college expenses.

  • "Live Life"
    introduces a brother and sister who knew little about building a website. Now their SBI kid-party sites are in the top 1/2% of all active websites, freeing them financially to follow their dreams.

  • "Quit the Day Job"
    is by a regional sales manager, struggling for leads, who struck out on his own with SBI and now enjoys independence and a comfortable living.

←(click) Learn about SBI's proven, logical "C→T→P→M" approach to site building, about the "It" in Solo Build It! - and why SBI is such a well chosen graduation gift.

A really good gift for a graduate,
SBI can turn a passion into a business
and make that business a passion!

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