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Whatever gift you choose, go for quality!

There are a lot of interesting gifts out there! …elegant, romantic, functional, exciting, expensive or modestly priced. They're made of all sorts of materials.

Some are new and exciting products; others are tried-and-true traditional favorites. How to choose? Simple:

1. The greatest gift ideas are those that delight their recipients; and

2. Well-chosen gifts are well constructed from quality materials.

What Sort of Gift?

No need to shy away from traditional gifts. Many people think it's trite to send flowers, or that other commonly given items are boring. We disagree! Most people welcome flowers, books, gift baskets and other

traditional items, as long as the gift reflects their tastes, suits the occasion, and is thoughtfully presented.

For example, flowers make a lovely hostess gift. Have them delivered before her guests arrive so your hostess can plan where best to display them. Later, the flowers will brighten her outlook on tidying up after her guests have departed. What's not to like?

Uncommon gifts may seem the most exciting, but any gift that fits your recipient's personality is sure to be enjoyed. Gifts for Everyone will help you to figure out those personalities, tastes and interests.

Your recipient's interests may follow a theme. Wonderfully versatile, themed gift baskets are surely one of the greatest gift ideas. They can be assembled to focus on a favorite activity, treat, or product brand.

Themes also play a big role in wedding anniversary gifts. Browse Milestone Gifts to find our greatest gift ideas for both Traditional and Modern anniversary years - always recommended with quality in mind.

As you consider the gift, consider its impact on the environment. Some of the greatest gift ideas benefit both your recipient and the planet. Check our suggestions for Environmentally Friendly Gifts, where you'll find some that are practical, some that are beautiful, and some that are immensely creative!

In many situations, Gift Cards or Gift Certificates are the greatest gift ideas. Be sure to consider the pros and cons before making your choice.

Sometimes the occasion helps you to identify the greatest gift ideas. For example, housewarming gift ideas should be somehow related to their new home. But as always, please do keep their tastes in mind.

What About Price?

Excellent gift choices can be found in all price ranges, so you don't have to break

the bank to purchase a gift that your recipient will love. There are quality gifts in every price range! Wouldn't you rather receive a modest gift that's the best of its kind than a fancy, expensive gift made with inferior materials or poorly finished? Diane and I would!

Speaking of quality, you'll find that along with a surprising variety, among Fair Trade Gifts from around the world. See how Fair Trade benefits farmers, artisans, and the environment. The reasonable pricing will benefit you, too!

For modest-to-moderately priced gifts, we invite you to check Affordable Gift Ideas. You'll find useful suggestions for times when you're low on cash, or looking for a gift the kids can afford.

Gifts made of paper include many that are very affordable. From humble beginnings come Paper Gift Ideas worth more than the paper they're printed on! Going beyond 2-dimensional thinking, we've found many 3-D Paper Gifts like books, home accents and fun items in all price ranges.

Remember, it's not the price of a gift that warms your recipient's heart. It's the knowledge that you care enough, as Hallmark says, "to send the very best" of whatever great gift idea you have chosen.

Consider Your Recipient!

The greatest gift ideas focus on your recipient. Please do not choose a gift simply because YOU would like to receive it! Mom might never wear that sweater that goes so well with YOUR wardrobe. Your nephew may have no interest in the book YOU found so riveting at his age.

What about the person who writes "No Gifts, Please" on the party invitation, and you want to do something special anyway? A Charity Gift is a tasteful solution, sure to be appreciated. Or what about the person who has everything? You'll find some interesting suggestions among our Alternative Gift Ideas.

Here's a great gift idea that lends itself to almost any interest: a website! It's truly a window on the world - your recipient can get connected, nurture creative urges, bring in extra income, pursue a hobby, and meet likeminded people. We call it "a unique gift idea, trendy and versatile"- but it's much more than that.

Most everyone enjoys wildlife - some in the abstract, others up close 'n personal. Wildlife Gifts: Keeping in Touch With Nature finds creative gift ideas that express the love of wildlife...or inspire it.

Are you looking for a gift to evoke your sweetheart's romantic thoughts? Whatever the level of romance in your relationship, a well-chosen gift is selected accordingly. Our Romantic Gifts are suggested with that in mind.

Quality gifts in any price range,
that are perfect for your recipient
are the Greatest Gift Ideas of all!

If you have comments, or if you'd like to share your greatest gift ideas, we'd love to hear from you. You'll have our prompt attention, and we won't divulge your email address to anyone, for any reason. Promise!

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