Housewarming Gift Ideas
for Their New Home

Housewarming Gift Ideas: ranch house

Well-chosen housewarming gift
ideas are creative and tasteful, and
they help to make a house a home.

There are several things to consider when choosing a housewarming gift:

  • How well do you know the recipient(s)?

    New neighbors who come from another region will want information on local restaurants, doctors & dentists, stores and shops, hair salons, auto mechanics, and so on. A notebook with maps, menus, and other printed materials about your town or county is several good ideas rolled into one.

    For other recipients you don't know very well, a gift certificate to a home improvement store or kitchen and bath store will help with renovations and/or fixtures. A gift certificate to a local restaurant or specialty shop is another good introduction to your town.

  • Is this their first home?

    If so, household items that everyone can use another of - clocks or lamps, for example - are usually a safe bet. Provided, of course, that you keep your recipients' tastes and interests in mind!

    If your recipients are newly married, their wedding registry is a good place to look for housewarming gift ideas.

  • Is their new home a condo/apartment, or a house with a yard/garden?

    Housewarming Gift Ideas: condosFor a condo or apartment, extra space may be at a premium. A storage solution, such as decorative shelving, a bookcase, or storage boxes/baskets could be exactly what your recipients would most appreciate. Table linens, glassware, or serving pieces are also the sort of gifts that don't require a lot of space.

    Housewarming Gift Ideas: house and garageA house with outdoor space presents many other housewarming gift ideas. Perhaps they have a fireplace for the first time, or a deck or patio to spark your thinking. If your recipient(s) enjoy gardening, look for ideas in our Gift for a Gardener section. And for those who enjoy nature, check out our Wildlife Gifts page.

More Housewarming Gift Ideas
for Indoors and Out

Clocks - Almost every home can use another clock! Different styles for different rooms, wall clocks, table clocks, electric or battery... the choices are endless. Here is a link for a huge selection, and another that offers lots of unique designs.

Housewarming Gift Ideas: mansard row houses
Key Racks - Decorative key racks are among the most affordable housewarming gift ideas, and so good at keeping keys from getting lost! Here's one with solid 5-star reviews (search above it on "decorative key racks" for more choices). A good gift from the children.

Fireplace equipment - from andirons and screens to log holders, fireplace tools, and decorative hearth and mantel items, a working fireplace offers lots of ideas in all price ranges. This family-owned business carries a good selection, along with many other interesting items for the home.

Kitchen electrics - IF your recipients' new kitchen has plenty of counter and storage space, and cooking is their thing, you might consider giving the sort of portable appliance that isn't always found in just any kitchen: breadmaker, waffle iron, ice cream maker, slow cooker, indoor grill, yogurt maker, juicer... has a huge selection.

Housewarming Gift Ideas: Victorian house
Organizer - Speaking of storage space, this compact 4-shelf unit would be handy in almost any room. The customer reviews agree!

Invisible Bookshelf - "way cool" ... "awesome" ... "the greatest gadget ever invented" ... this floating book shelf gets a 5-star rating! A real conversation piece, reasonably priced, and the kids will love it too.

Porch & Patio, Yard & Garden - whatever the size and nature of your recipient(s) outdoor space, there are dozens of good housewarming gift ideas:

  • Address plaques
  • Door knockers
  • Mailboxes & posts
  • Welcome mats
  • Sundials
  • Garden ornaments and sculpture
  • Hammock
  • Outdoor grill accessories/utensils
  • Outdoor thermometers & clocks (choose one that's
    easy to read from a distance!)
These can be found at garden centers or home improvement stores, and online, has a nice selection. They also have a section for birds and wildlife where you'll find birdbaths, bird houses, and bird feeders.

Game and sports equipment - If your recipient(s) have moved from an apartment, this may be their first chance to enjoy outdoor games at home. (And if they moved from a house, it might be time to replace worn equipment.) A basketball hoop, horseshoes, badminton equipment, a bocce or cornhole set are gifts they will enjoy for years. For our favorite, croquet, some terrific sets are manufactured in Maine.

Housewarming Gift Ideas: lake house
Tree Faces - for everyone's amusement (assuming your recipient(s) appreciate this sort of thing), a friendly face will add personality to their favorite backyard tree.

Ornamental tree - this housewarming gift idea will last for years and years, providing pleasure for everyone. Your gift can include helping your recipient(s) to plant it. A Japanese red maple is showy all summer long; and Chinese (kousa) dogwood is quite hardy, and fast becoming a favorite flowering tree.

Solar walkway lights - Mark the entry of a path or line the entire walkway. Environmentally friendly solar lights charge in the sunlight, and their light lasts for hours after sundown.

Items that your recipients need (or finally
have space for) in their new home
are surefire housewarming gift ideas!

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