How to Gift Wrap a Hexagonal Box:
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How to gift wrap hexagonal and other multi-angled boxes.
They produce beautiful gift wrapping results.
And it's not as difficult as it looks!

Are you puzzling over how to gift wrap a hexagonal box? Believe it or not, a multi-angled box is easier to wrap than a round box, and it always looks like a very well-dressed gift!

A few introductory thoughts:

  • About boxes - The illustrated gift wrapping instructions below show a hexagonal box, since those seem to be the most common. But when we refer to "hexagonal box," we really mean any box with five or more angles/sides.

  • About wrapping papers - Standard wrapping papers that can be folded crisply are the best for hexagonal boxes. This includes foil gift wraps, but not "mylar" type metallic-finished wraps.

    We don't recommend tissue wrapping paper because the corners of your box will easily tear through. But if you add more layers, the extra bulk will be difficult to fold into nice, sharp creases.

  • Gift Wrapping Tips - Before you learn how to gift wrap a hexagonal box, it's a good idea to review our six general wrapping tips, if you haven't already done so.

How To Gift Wrap Multi-Angled Boxes

How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Step 1 - measure box and cut paper.How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Tape side seam at top and bottom rims of box.
1) Measure and cut gift wrap: Width (side to side across the design) - make it 1-2 inches more than the distance around the sides of the box.

Height (the up-and-down way, for a directional design) should equal the distance across the center top of the box (measured side to side, not angle to angle) AND down one side. NO extra height, please - excess paper at the top or bottom will really get in your way!

2) With the paper face down, fold up ½ inch along one of the side-seam edges.

Center the box on its side on the paper. Point the top of the box toward the top of the design (if applicable). Bring the paper up around the side angles of the box. Hold the paper snugly against the box, tuck under the unfolded edge, and tape the side seam near the top and bottom rims of the box.

How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Invert the box over a tall support.How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Fold the gift wrap over one section of box rim.
3) Position the gift upside down over a support that's taller and more narrow than the box, and fits inside the extended paper. I'm using a waste basket under this large hexagonal box, but a large juice can will do for a small box.

Or, sit down and brace the box between your knees - hold firmly to prevent the box sliding down inside the wrapping paper.

4) The straight sides of the box are useful as guides. Remember to draw the gift wrap snugly over the top rim of the box as you work.

Beginning on the side to the right of the seam, fold the wrapping paper across the rim, toward the center of the box. Form a pleat at the LEFT corner of the rim section by folding along the upper bend in the wrapping paper.

How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Point the pleat fold directly toward the opposite angle of the rim.How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: The last pleat wants to fold up instead of under.
5) Lay the fold to its right, over the flat section of paper, and adjust so the fold points directly toward the opposite corner (On boxes with odd numbers of angles, point the pleat fold toward the center of the opposite SIDE). Press the pleat flat, making a second fold beneath the pleat.

6) Working around to the left, adjust each pleat to point toward its opposite corner, and fold it down over the previous pleat.

Continue until you have made five pleats (seven for an octagonal box). Oops, the last pleat wants to fold out instead of under.

How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Gently loosen the first pleat to make room for the last pleat.How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Smooth all the pleats and press flat.
7) How-to-gift-wrap TIP: Solve this by gently lifting up the first pleat, giving you room to fold the last pleat beneath it.

8) Then smooth all the pleats toward the center of the box and press flat; be sure the paper is nice and snug around the box rim.

How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Tape pleats at center of box.How to gift wrap a hexagonal box: Striped gift wrap produces a striking design.
9) Tape the wrapping paper closed at the center of the box, where the pleats meet at a point. Invert the box and repeat from Step 3, and now your gift box is ready to decorate. 10) And that's how to gift wrap a hexagonal box. Not so difficult, was it? Now, get ready to receive a lot of compliments!

The pleats form a pattern that looks great!
This well-dressed gift needs no more decoration
than a simple bow (unless you feel inspired...).

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