More Keys to a Romantic Gift Idea

Make your romantic gift idea "romantic"
with a creative presentation
that conveys your feelings!

Romantic gift idea: CupidA quick recap: We've discussed the first four keys to bringing the element of romance to your well-chosen gift:

  • making it personal
  • putting it in writing
  • honoring romantic traditions
  • trying something new

Above all, a romantic gift idea is made "romantic" by conveying that it's given from the heart. You can make this happen by presenting your Romantic Gifts in ways that best match your sweetheart and your style.

...and the occasion. Will the gift be opened in private, or in front of other people, say, at a birthday party or on Christmas Morning? Is it a holiday or milestone gift, or a little something for an intimate moment, or "just because?"

Let's take a closer look at ways to present your romantic gift idea.

Key #5: Master the Romantic Presentation

A romantic gift idea combines your well-chosen gift with a thoughtful and creative presentation. Whether it's a clever gift wrapping idea, or an elaborate set of arrangements, it will touch your loved one's heart to know you care enough to go to all that effort!

Set the Scene
Your location, the occasion, climate and season, or time of day may suggest the basic framework for presenting your
Romantic gift idea: sunsetromantic gift. As a rule of thumb, the more private, the more romantic! For example:

  • a walk in the snow
  • a deserted beach, riverside or lakefront
  • in front of a cozy fireplace or campfire
  • under a starry or moonlit sky
  • a quiet corner in a restaurant or museum
  • anywhere you can view a gorgeous sunset
  • during breakfast in bed

Or Pick a Theme
If you're nowhere close to a romantic nature scene... no water's edge, soft snowfall or gorgeous sunset... or if the schedule and/or budget are ultra-tight, pick a theme for presenting your romantic gift idea at home. For example:

  • Black Tie Affair - issue a formal invitation, dress to the nines, use your finest tableware and accessories.
  • Under the stars - Lower the thermostat and snuggle in a blanket, light the fire, douse the lights.
  • Tropical paradise - Raise the thermostat and wear swimsuits, relax with rum drinks on a blanket or in beach chairs.

Add the Details:
Strive to please the senses: sight, sound, aroma, taste, and touch. Sensual details, used creatively - and always with your sweetheart's likes
and dislikes (and possible allergies) in mind - will enhance the romance in your romantic gift idea:

Lights - candlelight is king; strings of mini-lights and Romantic gift idea: candlesdiffused lamplight also work well. Suggest a sunset with colored lights at the window/slider side of the room; other lights off. Make it a starry night with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. For a "campfire," arrange several pillar candles on a fireproof base on the floor.

Color - choose a color to fit your theme, or choose your sweetheart's favorite color. Wear that color and use it for decorating and room accents: tablecloth, dishes, food, lights/candles, flowers, blanket, and so on.

Music - keep your sweetheart's preferences in mind. Light classical, soft jazz, or sultry songs by smooth singers are usually a good bet. Or, try nature sounds that fit your theme. Set the volume to enhance the mood, not overpower it.

Aromas - Subtle is more romantic than breathtaking! If your occasion begins with dinner, let those delicious aromas welcome your sweetheart, and save the scented candles and incense for later. Keep the personal fragrance subtle too - you can always add a bit as the evening progresses.

Tasty Treats - Chocolate, strawberries, and both together are a favorite romantic treat. Or, dip fresh strawberries first in sour cream, then in brown sugar - mmmm! Choose finger foods that you can feed to each other, and feel the romantic thermometer rise! Don't forget candy hugs and kisses.

Touch sensations - First, comfort: room temperature, comfy seating, plush or silky lap robe and throw pillows. Ultra-smooth or textured foods feel as good as they taste. Good grooming prevents unpleasant stubble and rough hands. Provide bath and body products if your relationship extends to bed and bath.

Romantic gift idea: hearts border

Key #6: Grand Gestures

They're dramatic, and usually quite public. From a newspaper ad or online announcement, to a sign on an overpass or sports scoreboard, to a skywriting message, the grand gesture puts your feelings out there, and they'll be seen.

Two cautions: a) be sensitive about embarrassing your loved one publicly, and b) don't deface public or private property!

Private grand gestures also clearly put the "you" into your romantic gift idea and add to the fun of giving and receiving. Here are some you might try or adapt:

Snow Paint a Message - Fill a spray bottle with water, add some food coloring. This works best on packed snow or snowbank, at below-freezing temperatures. Or, spell out your message with sticks, stones, or flowers in the yard. For a long-lasting message, plant flowering annuals directly in the ground.

Romantic gift idea: message in a bottleMessage in a Bottle - Float it in the bathtub, swimming pool, or even a mudpuddle in the driveway. At public ponds or beaches, or aboard a boat, tie one end of a string to the bottle (and keep close track of the other end!). The message can be a love letter, or a map where X marks the location of your romantic gift.

Construct a treasure hunt, one clue leading to the next and finally to your gift, hidden in a romantic setting. Write each clue with a love message on heart-shaped paper. With each clue, leave a flower or some candy hearts or kisses.

The Countdown builds anticipation for a special day. Beginning a week or two in advance, present a daily token of your affection - a short note or poem, a sweet treat, flower, or perhaps a lottery ticket. Note the number of remaining days on a heart-shaped tag.

Tie a balloon, ribbon/bow, or other token on several trees, utility poles and signposts along your sweetheart's daily route. Tape a poem to the steering wheel or house key: "When a [name of token] comes into view, Think of how much I love you!"

Romantic gift idea: Rosebud
A creative presentation will help
to put the heart and the romance
into your romantic gift idea!

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