Romantic Gifts
for Your Special Someone

Romantic gifts that celebrate
(or light, or rekindle)
the romance in your relationship.

Romantic gift ideas should be chosen with the personality of your sweetheart and the personality of your relationship in mind. What level

of romance is reflected in your relationship? Is it new and exciting? mature and comfortable? wearing a bit thin? hot and heavy? or wishful thinking?

It's wise to give the matter some thought, so that you'll choose a gift that your loved one will also find romantic. A seductive gift might be perfect; or you might be moving too fast, too soon. A traditional gift might be sweetly sentimental; or it might seem a bit ho-hum or even programmed.

Keys to a Romantic Gift Idea may help you to zero in on the types of romantic gifts best suited to your sweetheart and your relationship. Then c'mon back and browse our romantic gift ideas!

Hand-holding mittens are clever and affordable romantic gifts to wear on quiet winter walks or bring to cold-weather sports events. A set consists of two regular mittens plus a third one featuring openings for two hands. "Smittens" are are made from cozy Polartec® to keep the chill from invading.

Give a Star or Planet - there's nothing "official" about the name-a-star gifts found online (but they sure are romantic!). So why not pick a star or planet to "give" your sweetheart, and make up a celestial map and deed certificate yourself? Spend the savings on a bottle of wine to enjoy under that special star! PS: Venus has already been "given" to me (but I'm happy to share)!

A Picnic 'n Wine Set - in basket or backpack form, it's just what you need for a romantic woodsy or seaside picnic, or for tailgating at the game or races. The best picnic sets are well insulated, with plenty of pockets and compartments, and quality dishes and utensils; some include a blanket.

Convert a Photo - Turn a favorite photo into a work of art. Choose a pencil sketch, oil or watercolor painting, romantic fantasy, famous masterpiece or abstract style, photo montage and more. These creative romantic gifts can be customized according your sweetheart's personal style.

Share a New Activity - Broaden your horizons as a couple and you'll kindle/re-kindle that romantic spark. Look for activities that you two can enjoy by yourselves and with others who share the interest.

Back in the day, it was sports car rallying for us: as rallymasters, we two planned and organized rallies, and on rally days enjoyed the fellowship of competitors and checkpoint workers. As a competition team, we improved our skills - becoming the team to beat in our class! - and the fun, satisfaction, and sense of togetherness grew too.

Have you and your sweetheart fantasized about an activity that you can't seem to get around to? "Just Do It!" Some ideas:

  • Take lessons: tennis, skiing, scuba, sailing, horseback riding
  • Enroll in a health club, yoga or martial arts class
  • Adventures: whitewater, balloon ride, hang gliding, race driving
  • Take a course: foreign language, CPR, drawing/painting, cooking
  • Take a day tour: vineyard, river cruise, explore an historic city
  • Workshop series: dancing, crafts, bartending, improv/acting
  • Join a hobby club together: singing, photography, hiking, woodworking, games; and give a gift related to the activity.

Here's another good one:

Build a website: it's a unique gift idea that's trendy - a super shared project that many couples totally enjoy (and it could earn enough to fund some wonderful romantic getaways!).
Speaking of which...

The Romantic Getaway can't be beat for making memories! I recall how romantic it was, on a Valentine's Day years ago, to try out a waterbed for the first time, at a nearby hotel. Another time, it was a surprise jaunt to Bermuda... the small, hidden beaches, the dinner cruise... For sure, nearby or far away, getaways are memorable!

On a tight budget? Been there, too! However, filet mignon grilled in the fireplace at home, kids away on sleepovers, candlelight, soft music, and later a great movie... Yeah, getaways at home can be very romantic gifts, and very affordable! Here are some tips for setting a romantic scene at home.

Save Those Memories - We called it a time capsule elsewhere, and it begins with a handsome decorative box. Make it large enough to hold mementos of your special experiences together, or relationship milestones (be selective: "stuff" accumulates fast!). Add something at least once a year, and mark it with the date. Make a romantic anniversary or New Year's Day tradition of opening the box and reminiscing together.

Silk Sensations are an excellent choice in romantic gifts. Silk offers so luxurious a feeling - can romance be far behind? These silk gifts will heighten the romance in an intimate relationship:

  • kimono or robe
  • pillowcases, sheets or blankets
  • pajamas
  • sexy silk undergarments
For a not-yet-intimate relationship, try one of these:
  • a silk scarf to caress the neck
  • silk-lined gloves
  • silk bags or travel accessories
  • silk throw pillows
...all are lovely romantic gifts. Or, how about a practical silk sleeping-bag liner? It retains body heat and still provides that smooooth sensation.

A Hammock or Porch Swing provides a friendly way to while away a lazy afternoon or evening. Make a pitcher of drinks, add a book of poetry, and let the rocking motions of the comfy hammock or stylish swinging seat prove that they're romantic gifts!

Pamper Your Sweetheart with a visit to a spa. Or give him/her a relaxing massage, along with a bath and body gift basket. Spa gift baskets typically include bath salts or oils, specialty soaps, body lotions and powders, and scented candles for atmosphere. Couples' gift baskets may include wine, candies, rose petals, and edible body frostings or oils.

Suit the personalities of
your sweetheart
AND your relationship
well-chosen romantic gifts!

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