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Creative Gift Ideas and Advice to Help You Choose the Perfect Gift

Great Gift Ideas
Here we focus on various types of gifts. If you have an idea what sort of gift will please your recipient, here's a good place to start zeroing in.

A Charity Gift Gives Twice
Environmentally Friendly Gifts
Housewarming Gift Ideas help to make a house a home.
Paper Gift Ideas - starting with a simple sheet of paper
Paper Gifts - going beyond 2-dimensional thinking
Romantic Gifts for Your Special Someone
Themed Gift Baskets
Unique Gift Idea, Trendy and Versatile – A Website!
Wildlife Gifts

Gifts for Everyone
This section focuses on various types of recipients and how to discover thoughtful, well-chosen gift ideas that reflect their tastes and interests.

Alternative Gift Ideas for the person who has everything

Gifts for a Gardener
> Winter Gifts for Gardeners
> Gardening Gifts for the Busy Spring
> Summertime Gardening Gifts
> Cool Gardening Gifts for Autumn

Gifts for Graduates
>Graduation Gifts: Preschool & Kindergarten
>Graduation Gift Ideas: Junior High & Middle School
>High School Graduation Gifts
>College Graduation Gifts
>Good Gift for a Graduate: Teens and Older

Gifts for Seniors: Make Life Fun
Gifts for Elderly Seniors: Make Life Easier
Cool Gift Ideas for Teenagers
Gifts for Troops
Hostess Gift Ideas
Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas (lower grade levels)
More Gift Ideas for Teachers (upper grade levels)

Family Gift Ideas
Gift ideas that appeal to all ages and enhance a family's quality time together. Memories are made of this!

Family Gift Ideas for Indoors
Family Gift Ideas for Outdoors
Family Gift Ideas for Going Places

Fair Trade Gifts
Fair Trade gifts effectively fight poverty in the developing world. Prices are reasonable, and your recipient won't be getting duplicates!

Brazilian Gifts
India Gifts
Indonesian Gifts from Java and Bali
Mexican Gifts
Peruvian Gifts
Thailand Gifts
West African Gifts

Anniversary Gifts
Milestone gifts for anniversaries, year by year. Creative, well-chosen gift ideas for traditional or modern tastes!

1st Anniversary Gifts - Paper, Clocks
2nd Anniversary Gifts - Cotton, China
3rd Anniversary Gifts - Leather, Crystal/Glass
4th Anniversary Gifts - Fruit/Flowers, Appliances
5th Anniversary Gifts - Wood, Stainless/Pewter
6th Anniversary Gifts - Iron, Wood
7th Anniversary Gifts - Copper, Pottery
8th Anniversary Gifts - Bronze, Linens/Lace
9th Anniversary Gifts - Pottery, Iron
10th Anniversary Gifts - Tin, Leather
11th Anniversary Gifts - Steel, Onyx
12th Anniversary Gifts - Silk
13th Anniversary Gifts - Lace, Textiles
14th Anniversary Gifts - Ivory, Agate
15th Anniversary Gifts - Crystal, Watches
20th Anniversary Gifts - China, Platinum
25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver Jubilee
30th Anniversary Gifts - Pearl
35th Anniversary Gifts - Coral, Jade
40th Anniversary Gifts - Ruby
45th Anniversary Gifts - Sapphire
50th Anniversary Gifts - Golden Jubilee
55th Anniversary Gifts - Emerald
60th Anniversary Gifts - Diamond Jubilee

Affordable Gift Ideas
Price is not the yardstick for a well-chosen gift. Here are ideas that will please your recipients and still respect your budget.

Make It Yourself Gifts
Gift of Your Time
Group Gifts - Giving AS a group, Giving TO a group

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas
Enhance your gift with a stunning presentation. Illustrated tutorials; info on containers and gift wrapping materials; tips and clever ideas to inspire you.

Gift Wrapping Tips & Techniques
> Gift Wrapping 101: Paper Gift Bags
> Gift Wrapping 102: Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch
> Gift Wrapping 103: Cardboard Tube
> Gift Wrapping 104: Rectangular Box
> Gift Wrapping 105: Round Box
> Gift Wrapping 106: Hexagonal Box

Gift Wrapping Paper: What You Need to Know
> Cellophane Wrap and its Polymer Look-Alikes
> Foil Gift Wrap and its Metallic Cousins
> Gift Wrapping Tissue: Great Features, a Thousand Uses
> Creative Gift Wrap: Custom Paper and Other Materials

Boxes - Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas
Creative Gift Packaging: Beyond Boxes and Gift Bags
Wrapping a Gift Basket or Other Open Gift Container
Wrapping a Large Gift

Gift Wrapping Ribbons, Ties and Gift Bows
> Tie a Gift Bow in the Classic Style
> Tie a Gift Bow: The Crisscross Loop
> Tie a Gift Bow: Graduated Loops

Gift Tag Tips & Techniques

Disguises & Surprises: Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas
> Make a Cardboard Tube Candle

Gift Advice: Going Beyond Cool Gift Ideas
Proper gift advice covers the whole gift giving experience: budget, presentation, shipping and more. We'll answer your questions, too!

Gift Budget: our Top 3 Strategies!
Gift Cards, Gift Certificates - Pros and Cons
Keeping Surprises Secret: How to Manage Snooping Kids
Keys to a Romantic Gift Idea
MORE Keys to a Romantic Gift Idea
Order a Gift Online - Safety Tips
Shipping a Gift
Gifts For Troops Overseas: Rules and Regs

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