Unique Gift Idea
Trendy and Versatile –
A Website!

A unique gift idea that's trendy and versatile –
a website complements any recipient's interests,
for fun and/or profit.

You may have noticed that we suggest a website as a gift for several types of recipients. A website is one of the greatest gift ideas because people can create websites for a wide variety of purposes.

Young man at computerSome enjoy expanding their horizons and meeting new friends.

Others wish to share information about their hobbies and interests.

Stay-at-home moms and retired folks may wish to supplement their income in the convenience of their homes.

Entrepreneurs often create websites to promote their offline businesses.

Still others wish to create an Internet-based business as their main source of income. They may have been downsized from the corporate world. Or, they may yearn for the freedom and sense of accomplishment provided by self employment.

According to a recent Harris poll, 72% of American households
are thinking about starting a home-based business.
Chances are pretty good that someone you know is thinking of it too!

Whatever your recipient's interests and motivations, a website can mean much more to them than a "unique gift idea that's trendy." Take Diane and me, for example. Our motivation is twofold:

woman at computerDiane is an artist who works full time as a graphic designer for a mid-sized company. She is setting up a home studio, where she can pursue her passion for creative art, photography and crafts projects. In time, she plans to combine her creative pursuits with raising a family. A website will present her work to a worldwide market.

For me, retirement is growing nearer. When that day arrives, I want to have in place a source of extra income that engages my love of art, crafts and gifts, and offers flexible, at-home self employment. A website in collaboration with my daughter is the perfect answer for both of us!

We were fortunate to discover SiteSell's "Solo Build It!" (SBI) before we wasted a ton of time and money on some free-website-get-rich-quick deal. Here's why SBI has been absolutely the right choice for us:

  1. SBI's approach makes sense – we learned why "offline thinking" doesn't work and why SBI sites DO work.

  2. No website experience necessary (and I had none at all) – SBI got us started right and continues to guide us, step by doable step.

  3. SBI includes everything – from brainstorming to site building, to web hosting, to traffic building, tracking and analysis – it's all right there in the Solo Build It! package.

  4. First-rate support – we get quick response on the technical side, and a friendly forum where experienced SBI-ers – including the CEO! – patiently answer our questions and freely offer ideas.

  5. We're seeing results! – Our learning curve is speeding up, we're hitting the radar screens of search engines, and our traffic is growing. You found us, so you see it's working!

  6. We're having fun and making friends – On and off the forums, SBI-ers are interested, interesting people from all over the world.

man at computerSo… whether your recipient is a hobbyist, new graduate, work-at-home mom, senior who wishes to boost retirement income, or one of the 72% who are interested in starting a home-based business… see why Solo Build It! just might be the perfect gift!

And if you have questions, you can get answers there, too – directly from a real live SBI expert.

It's cool to give a unique gift idea that's "trendy."
For many, a WEBSITE will be that… and much more!

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