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Hello and Welcome to Well-Chosen-Gift.com! We'd like to introduce ourselves and tell you the story behind our website.

About Us...

My name is Marjorie…...and this is my daughter, Diane
I live just outside Boston, which I love, but I'm a country girl at heart. Since my 4-H days, I've enjoyed gardening, sewing, arts and crafts, always with a project in progress. I play a decent game of bridge, and also croquet, was a trophying sports car rallyist, and haven't touched a piano in years.

I was an executive assistant, when the entrepreneurial spirit overtook me and I opened a writing, desktop publishing and graphic design business. I also returned to college (political science) and completed my degree before moving to Boston and Well-Chosen-Gift.com.

My three children are my greatest pride! Mark is a U.S. diplomat and father of my grandson, Andrew; Stephen is a stage actor; and between them is Diane.
Diane lives nearby. She's a graphic designer and works on web applications. But she has a fine arts degree and pursues her own creative projects as time allows. She enjoys hiking, travel, volunteering at the animal shelter, and fun with friends and family.

Diane brings an artistic touch to everything she does, from writing letters, to entertaining friends, to creating and wrapping gifts. She is a meticulous handicrafter, a fine photographer, and a fountain of creative ideas for this website.

Diane is currently into screen printing and fabric enhanced plates and glassware. Unlike some artists, Diane is tidy and organized (Mom's gotta love that!). She has a killer sense of humor and is possibly the most considerate individual I've ever known.

About Well-Chosen-Gift.com...

I mentioned the entrepreneurial spirit. As retirement drew nearer, it was clear that I'd need to develop a source of supplemental income. Something I could do on my own terms for years to come. Something that would provide the sense of personal accomplishment and freedom I had found in running my own business.

Meanwhile, Diane's vision for her future combines raising a family and earning an income at home, in her own studio under her own creative direction. Now was the time for both of us to start preparing.

We decided to see if our shared skills and interests could produce an income, and to investigate what role the Internet could play. I was poking around online when I came across a terrific site called The Artful Crafter that is jam-packed with useful information... and links...

and that's how I discovered Site Build-It!

The Site Build-It! (SBI) slogan "E-Commerce For The Rest Of Us" said it all: using SBI, a regular person with no online experience can build a website that works - not just a website, but an Internet business.

Hmmm... I didn't have the slightest idea how to build a website, but what I read about SBI made it sound pretty foolproof. I applied a generous dose of skepticism and kept on reading. The SBI approach made perfect sense.

We liked that SBI works for any kind of business, and we really liked that they can prove it! You can see what I mean by clicking the icon.

And sure enough, we found case studies of regular people, just like us, who've achieved online success with SBI. They work hard at it... but more than that, they work smart. Well, we're ready to do that too!
We decided to go for it.

Definitely the right choice!

  • We get to build our own business on a topic we totally enjoy.
  • I got to "retire" and work from home, on my own schedule.
  • Diane can be home with her family while earning an income, when the time comes.
  • Our site keeps on working while we're doing art/crafts projects.
  • We can work together or separately, from any place in the world with Internet access.

Following Our Passion

Diane and I agreed that we share a passion for quality gifts with good design, careful craftsmanship, and personality. We love to shop, and we get excited about creative ideas that we haven't seen before. We love to give a well-chosen gift with a "Wow!" presentation.

We are convinced that the entire gift-giving
(and gift-receiving!) experience
would benefit from better choices.

Hence, "Well-Chosen Gift.com."

To be clear, we see nothing wrong with commonly-given items like a book, flowers, or a gift basket... when it's a well-chosen gift: i.e., a quality item that is well suited to your recipient.

So, this website is designed to help you:

  • cut through the online clutter
  • come up with creative gift ideas for your recipients
  • locate the well-chosen gift you're looking for
  • present your gifts creatively

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please let us know what works or doesn't, what you would like to see, and how we can make Well-Chosen-Gift.com as useful to you as possible! Do contact us and share your thoughts.

Best wishes,

PS to Crafters: At the website I mentioned above, theartfulcrafter.com, you'll find an awesome collection of know-how and resources!

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